Acts of Treason (unlawfully legitimised by Bilderberg attendees?)

Acts of Treason Committed by David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair
Initial report to the police of allegations and evidence of treason sent to Humberside Police.
These two men want to abolish the House of Lords in favour of an elected upper house are violating the tripartite long established way in which England has been governed. This tripartite arrangement is made up of the Sovereign, the House of Lords, which in turn is made up of hereditary peers and referred to in the Constitution as 'the Lords spiritual and the Lords temporal, and the House of commons, made up of representatives of the public. The House of Commons originates legislation, the House of Lords scrutinises the legislation to make sure that it benefits the country and the Sovereign has the final authority to refuse assent if he believe it is not in the best interests of the country. The only reason for trying to subvert this long established and workable system of governance is that it prevents an illegal power-grab of a person or group. This is exactly what Cameron and Clegg are trying to do.
No individual member of this tripartite can force its will on any other member. Mark Harper, Clegg's deputy at the Cabinet Office, insisted that the Government intends to sweep away centuries of history by replacing it with an elected chamber. This is in direct contravention of the Constitution! The Government do not have the power to do that. Neither the Sovereign, or the House of Lords or the House of Commons own England, they merely hold it in trust for the people of England. Sovereignty, as such, is held by the Monarchy. This was established by George III when he won his 20 year battle with the House of Commons as to who was sovereign, the King or Parliament – the King won. The Prime Minister of the time, William Pitt the Elder, said that it was better to be ruled by one despot than by many. The great Sir Matthew Hale Chief Justice of the Kings Bench wrote, in his book the 'Prerogatives of the King' 1713, which sets out exactly what the sovereign can and cannot do. Any attempt to change this arrangement would be considered treasonous.
Further references can be found here:Chief Justice of the Kings Bench Sir William Blackstones Commentaries on the Laws of England. Professor Tawell-Langemead Professor of Constitution History in his book English Constitutional History 1896 that parliament in its present form was made in 1295 Professor F W Maitland LLD in his book The Constitutional History of England 1908.
Various Parliament Acts have been made all designed to limit the power of the House of Lords. All these Acts are illegal for the reasons given above.
There has been for quite a number of years a gradual power-grab by the House of Commons from the Sovereign, the House of Lords and the people of England. David Cameron is on record of stating that 'Parliament was sovereign' when clearly it isn't as shown by George III. This was a treasonous statement to make. Nick Clegg also made his treasonous statement when he said that he "will do everything in his power to keep the UK in the EU" and he is also on recording as saying that he will oppose any attempt to remove, already surrendered power, back from the EU to the UK.
The operative words as to the supremacy of the Sovereign is taken from the writings of Sir Matthew Hale's 'Prerogatives of the King 1713' quoting Elizabeth I 'The "three estates of the realm" assembled in parliament, viz. the lords spiritual, lords temporal, and commons, do recognize the queen...intirely invested."
Tony Blair
Some of the following comments are from Lord Studeley, who is a member of the Constitutional Monarchy Association and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries - a society comprising of only 2000 members world wide. this makes him one of the most respected historians in the world.
In 1999, Blair introduced a short bill called 'Stage 1' to abolish the hereditary peers, and to defer the decision as to what 'Stage 2' would be. This was an act of treason as described above. Never before had Lords reform been so so split up in such an overbearing and cavalier fashion. Blair consulted his Lord Chancelor, Lord Irving of Lairg to propose to the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords, Lord Cranbourne that 92 of the hereditary peers should be spared whilst the rest were sent down the river. Astonishingly Cranbourne accepted. This was a most underhand way for a Government to do this over the head of his part leader. Blair knew that he was on a hiding to nothing from William Hague. In Alistair Campbell's diary, he mentioned two germane quotes about Cranbourne's machinations:1 Cranbourne speaking to Campbell - "I am committing high treason just talking to you"2 Campbell describing Cranbourne - "I could tell the minute he walked in that he was enjoying the drama of it, the plotting, and the fact of consorting with an enemy, a subject he joked about frequently"The elimination of the hereditary peers left the Monarchy exposed.
Not only have the above men committed treason with respect to wanting abolish the House of Lords, they have also allowed a foreign power (the EU) to interfere in the internal affairs of this country. When Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome to bring the UK into the EEC (EU) he committed treason. The law against this comes from the 'Act of Supremacy 1559'. The relevant portion, in its original language, pertaining to our illegal membership of the EU are below highlighted in red:
'And for the more sure observation of this act and the utter extinguishment of all foreign and usurped power and authority, may it please your highness that it may be further enacted by the authority aforesaid that, if any person or persons dwelling or inhabiting within this your realm or in any other your highness's realms or dominions . . . , shall by writing, printing, teaching, preaching, express words, deeds, or act, advisedly, maliciously, and directly affirm, hold, stand with, set forth, maintain, or defend the authority, preeminence, power, or jurisdiction, spiritual or ecclesiastical, of any foreign prince, prelate, person, state, or potentate whatsoever...that then every such person and persons so doing and offending, their abettors, aiders, procurers, and counsellors, being thereof lawfully convicted and attainted according to the due order and course of the common laws of this realm [shall suffer specified penalties, culminating in punishment for high treason on the third offence] . . . .'
I am part of a group of ordinary patriotic citizens who have taken the trouble to look into the Constitution and its implications for ruling England in a lawful way. This was not a difficult process when a little diligence was used. From this it can be clearly seen that the Constitution has been violated by successive Governments, politicians and civil servants. Our forefathers formulated theses laws to protect England from despotic and tyrannical rulers. We have a police force who swore an oath to uphold these laws and protect England from those who break any law whether common or statute law.
It may be felt by many that it is impractical to bring to justice all those who are guilty of such a heinous crime and which may generate a feeling of safety in numbers for both the guilty and the police. We give full warning to those who ignore this evidence that they would be guilty of misprision of treason. If this be the case then this would be nothing more than giving the people of England a 'two-fingered' salute. This attitude would only reinforce our resolve to make sure ALL who have committed misprision of treason will eventually be brought to justice - no matter how many hundreds there may be. All it will take is for there to be just one police force or even just one policeman of integrity, who values his job and pension, to investigate our allegations. Should a senior police officer or politician order another police officer not to proceed with an investigation, then the officer should arrest the senior officer perverting the course of justice. Nobody is above the law.
Reply from Humberside Police
Thank you for your email dated 15th April 2012. I am sure that you appreciate officers will take and rely upon legal advice and, where that advice differs from your understanding of the law, officers are entitled to rely on the advice they receive from the Legal Services Unit.
Our Legal Services Unit advise that there is still no offence known to law that can be, or should be, investigated.
The Constitution is not fixed and is subject to variation, amendment and evolution. The Bill of Rights in 1689 limited the powers of the Crown and created a constitutional monarchy, and developed the concept of parliamentary supremacy (that is to say the supreme authority is the Crown in Parliament). The Bill of Rights also enshrined into English law (for at that time there was no United Kingdom) the prohibition on any impeachment for words or deed made in Parliament.
The recent prosecution of a number of MPs for fraud was in relation to their conduct outside the chamber of the Commons (or in the case of some Defendants, the Lords), and therefore parliamentary privilege did not apply (see for example R v. Morley and others [2010]). However, that can be contrasted to a number of cases where so-called super injunctions were breached by MPs naming the parties but because they enjoyed parliamentary privilege (the statements were made in the chamber) no action could be taken for what would otherwise be contempt of court.
The Bill of Rights also founds the common law principle that a Parliament cannot bind its successors, therefore any Parliament can repeal the acts of a former Parliament and no Act of Parliament can be ultra vires, as Parliament’s competence to legislate is absolute (though the Courts have drawn a practical distinction between legislative theory and legislative practice, for example it would be practically impossible to repeal an Act giving independence to a former colony, but theoretically possible).
Because of this principle Acts of previous Parliaments that have been repealed no longer have any legal effect and that includes all previous Acts relating to treason that have been repealed or amended. The supremacy of Parliament also allows for Parliament to legislate to give effect to treaties relating to international or supranational bodies, such as the European Union and whatever ones personal political viewpoint there is no offence at criminal law (whether treason or otherwise) committed by such an enactment.
As you are aware the enforcement of any law would be through the Court and the Courts have ruled that it is not possible to challenge an Act of Parliament or the actions of the government in entering into international treaty obligations. Indeed one of the very issues you refer to, the United Kingdom’s entry into the European Union (or the European Economic Community as it then was), was considered by the Court in the case of Blackburn v. The Attorney General [1971]. In that case the Court was asked to make a declaration that in signing the Treaty of Rome the Government would surrender the sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament and that in doing so it would be acting in contravention of the law.
The Court held that the treaty was a matter for the exercise of the sovereign power of the Crown (exercising the Royal Prerogative) but that it was not binding unless and until ratified by an Act of Parliament, and once there was an Act of Parliament the treaty became the ordinary law of the United Kingdom to the extent that Parliament decreed. In that Judgment Lord Justice Salmon also stated that the Courts have no power over, and are not concerned with political decisions. As for Acts of Parliament, the Courts have also decided that there is no power to declare them ultra vires or to overturn them (there is no power to declare an Act of Parliament unconstitutional as there is in some other jurisdictions: the best that can be achieved is to make a declaration of incompatibility as is possible with the Human Rights Act, but the Court cannot overturn a Act), see for example Pitkin v. British Railways Board [1974] or Manuel and Others v. Attorney General [1982].
I must therefore conclude on the basis of legal advice that there is no offence known to law identified in your email or its attachments, or any of your earlier emails and that the views expressed, while doubtless passionately held, are political views and therefore not the concern of the police or the Courts. I am therefore unable to progress these matters any further.
I am grateful for the evident love for and loyalty to your country that you show, however in light of the above we cannot lawfully act on any of the information which you have provided.
Yours sincerely
Rebuttal to Humberside’s legal argument.
The rebuttal is show in red with Humberside’s original argument in black.
Please forgive this lengthy rebuttal but there is too much at stake to skimp on the detail.
I understand fully that you will seek legal advice on a subject in which normal police training give limited knowledge. Those who have given you this advice would seem to be woefully ignorant of Constitutional Law. Having received this dubious advice it is your clear duty to check and satisfy yourself that the decision you reach is the best possible one for the subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
The Constitution is not fixed and is subject to variation, amendment and evolution. The Bill of Rights in 1689 limited the powers of the Crown and created a constitutional monarchy, and developed the concept of parliamentary supremacy (that is to say the supreme authority is the Crown in Parliament). The Bill of Rights also enshrined into English law (for at that time there was no United Kingdom) the prohibition on any impeachment for words or deed made in Parliament.
The statement that the English constitution is not fixed and is subject to alteration is not exactly accurate. There are some parts of the constitution, which are with us forever no-matter how inconvenient for government it may be. For example Magna Carta 1215 is not subject to change by parliament because it is not parliamentary law, it is a binding contract between the King and his subjects and can only be amended or repealed when the King meets with his subjects and agree to any changes. Like all contracts it is legally enforceable in any of the ordinary courts in the land.
The Declaration of Rights 1688/9 is likewise a contract between the King and the subjects and it is not within the reach of parliament to alter or repeal. The 1689 Bill of Rights is a parliamentary bill but, unlike every other bill passed by parliament, it is not subject to amendment or repeal by parliament. The reasons are two fold (1) the Bill of Rights incorporates the Declaration of Rights which is beyond the reach of parliament by virtue of the fact it is a contract between the King and the subject, and (2) the people who passed the Declaration into law were sent to Westminster not as Members of Parliament, but as the people’s representatives of the people at a convention. Having accepted the Declaration, William Prince of Orange was offered the Crown. Having accepted it and now being King of England he called a parliament but instead of holding an election he appointed the representatives of the people as his parliament. They passed the Declaration into law as the Bill of Rights 1689, with two codicils, any amendments have to be made before 23 September 1689 or they are void and not lawful. This bill was for all time. The 1689 Bill of Rights cannot be repealed nor can it be amended. The Bill of Rights, was created by those who represented the opinion of the people, as to how the English wished to be governed. The will of the people is supreme over the Sovereign and parliament.
Habeas Corpus can be traced back to the legal codes of Alfred the Great and as such it has been the law of England from times of greatest antiquity and has become the custom and practice of England and is itself beyond the reach of parliament, because of its very antiquity. So parliament cannot do anything it feels like.
The recent prosecution of a number of MPs for fraud was in relation to their conduct outside the chamber of the Commons (or in the case of some Defendants, the Lords), and therefore parliamentary privilege did not apply (see for example R v. Morley and others [2010]). However, that can be contrasted to a number of cases where so-called super injunctions were breached by MPs naming the parties but because they enjoyed parliamentary privilege (the statements were made in the chamber) no action could be taken for what would otherwise be contempt of court.
The MP expenses scandal in defrauding the tax-payer took place within the walls of the Palace of Westminster and not outside as is claimed. This is because they submitted their fraudulent claims within the Palace and then attempted to claim parliamentary privilege to avoid justice. Members of Parliament are fully subject to the criminal law within the Palace of Westminster and this includes the Chamber of the Commons. It is inconceivable that if, during a debate, a member stabbed to death another member that he should be able to claim parliamentary privilege. He would be subject to arrest and trial in Her Majesty’s ordinary courts. Members of Parliament, in the normal course of their work, are entitled to claim parliamentary privilege anywhere within the Palace of Westminster. If this were not the case it would severely restrict their ability to do the job we pay them to do. The normal course of their work is to carry out their duties in conformity with the criminal law. To use the dispatch box to conspire to commit Sedition or Treason is not in the ‘normal’ course of their work and it is contrary to the criminal law. Lord Brown Wilkinson observed in Pepper v Hart: “It is for the courts to decide if a privilege exists”. Politicians have no privilege which allows them to commit Sedition or Treason in the Palace of Westminster. The rule of law requires that the law applies to every subject alike, if we make exceptions and grant immunities from the criminal law we do not have the rule of law.
Parliament claim to rule by the powers of Henry VIII. These powers were illegal when King Henry VIII, an arrogant bully, used them. Parliament evidence this claim, to Henry VIII's powers, by the blue eyed baby rule. This stated that they could pass a law that all blue eyed baby boys born in June are to be killed. That would be the law and the babies would be killed.
Sir Edward Coke Chief Justice of the Kings Bench 1628 ruled that “Parliament may sometimes pass a law which is against common right and reason, or is repugnant, or impossible to perform. The Common Law will intercede and strike it down” It would clearly be against common right and reason to kill baby boys simply because they have blue eyes and were born in June. It would be so repugnant to all reasonable men and people of England that it would be impossible to perform. The people would never allow it even if it meant a civil war fought to save the children. The Common Law would be enforced to strike it down and by use of extreme violence if necessary. Would a police officer be prepared to collect for extermination these children? Assuming the answer to be 'No' a policeman's own conscience would draw a line beyond which he believed parliament have no authority to go.
Because of this principle Acts of previous Parliaments that have been repealed no longer have any legal effect and that includes all previous Acts relating to treason that have been repealed or amended. The supremacy of Parliament also allows for Parliament to legislate to give effect to treaties relating to international or supranational bodies, such as the European Union and whatever ones personal political viewpoint there is no offence at criminal law (whether treason or otherwise) committed by such an enactment.As for Acts of Parliament, the Courts have also decided that there is no power to declare them ultra vires or to overturn them (there is no power to declare an Act of Parliament unconstitutional as there is in some other jurisdictions: the best that can be achieved is to make a declaration of incompatibility as is possible with the Human Rights Act, but the Court cannot overturn a Act), see for example Pitkin v. British Railways Board [1974] or Manuel and Others v. Attorney General [1982].
Most of the Treason Acts have not been repealed. The only important Treason Act to be repealed was the 1795 Treason Act by Tony Blair’s Government. This was an illegal action and ultra vires. It was an act of treason on the part of Tony Blair and his government. The 1795 Treason Act made it an offence of treason to restrain the Queen. To repeal this act places the Queen at grave risk of restraint which is itself an act of High Treason. Why would Tony Blair want to restrain the Queen? Since Treason is a criminal offence and since politicians are subject to the criminal law, in or out of parliament, serving an arrest warrant on Anthony Lynton Blair for High Treason against Her Majesty by removing the protection surrounding her would seem to be the lawful thing to do.
As you are aware the enforcement of any law would be through the Court and the Courts have ruled that it is not possible to challenge an Act of Parliament or the actions of the government in entering into international treaty obligations. Indeed one of the very issues you refer to, the United Kingdom’s entry into the European Union (or the European Economic Community as it then was), was considered by the Court in the case of Blackburn v. The Attorney General [1971]. In that case the Court was asked to make a declaration that in signing the Treaty of Rome the Government would surrender the sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament and that in doing so it would be acting in contravention of the law.
The Court held that the treaty was a matter for the exercise of the sovereign power of the Crown (exercising the Royal Prerogative) but that it was not binding unless and until ratified by an Act of Parliament, and once there was an Act of Parliament the treaty became the ordinary law of the United Kingdom to the extent that Parliament decreed. In that Judgement Lord Justice Salmon also stated that the Courts have no power over, and are not concerned with political decisions.
Blackburn v. The Attorney General 1971 was a legal challenge against the government. We do know that governments cannot be challenged in the courts. However individual Ministers can be challenged. If allegations against such Ministers are laid before the police then the police service has a clear duty to uphold the criminal law and to place those who transgress it before the courts. In the words of their police oath; ‘… without favour, fear, malice, or ill will’. As the holder of the office of constable they are not permitted to grant a dispensation from a criminal enquiry because the crime occurred on the floor of either Houses of Parliament.
Chief Justice Vaughn, of the Common Pleas, in Sorrel v Thomas 1674 on the dispensing power of the King applies. The King cannot grant a dispensation from the penalty for a Common Law offence. He can grant a dispensation for a statute offence, but not for all statute offences. If a third party is involved, who would have a right to sue for damages, the King cannot give a dispensation from the penalty. What the King cannot do, parliament, who operate in the Kings name, also cannot do.
The job of parliament is clear they are there to assist the Sovereign who is the Supreme Governor of England in the government of the Kingdom. Parliamentary privilege is to assist parliament to operate within the law of the constitution, and only in the best interests of the Kingdom and the subject. Not their own inflated egos.
Stephen J. was the acknowledged 19th century master of the principles of the criminal law; he used unambiguous language when he said. “I know of no proposition that an ordinary crime committed in the House of Commons would be withdrawn from the ordinary course of criminal justice”. To conspire to commit treason at the despatch box is still under the ordinary rule of law a major crime against the state and is a suitable matter to be heard in the ordinary courts of this Her Majesty’s United Kingdom.
Patterson J. in Stockdale v Hansard said that he noted the absence of any argument that parliament could vest with impunity a breach of the law by any one. Lord Brown Wilkinson explained “so far as the courts are concerned the courts will not allow any challenge to be made to what is said and done within the walls of parliament in the performance of its legislative functions and protection of its established privileges”. It is not a legislative function of the House of Commons to destroy the House of Lords! To do so is for the House of Commons to interfere with the cognisance of the House of Lords to conduct its own business without interference from the House of Commons; this is an act of Treason against the constitutional arrangements of parliament, contrary to Common or Higher Law. Neither is it the normal function of parliament to sign any treaty which transfers powers into the hands of a foreign power such as the EU. This was specifically made illegal and an Act of High Treason by the 1351 Act of Praemunire, the 1351 Act of Provisors, the 1392 Act of Praemunire, the 1559 Act of Supremacy and the 1689 Bill of Rights. The acts of Praemunire and Provisors were repealed in 1948 and 1967. These acts were brought in because King Edward III considered that to dispose of any English asset to a foreign owner or for his subjects to be drawn out of his Kingdom, or for foreign laws to be imposed in his Kingdom was an affront to his honour and dignity as King of England. These were actions of High Treason against the King. The politicians who were responsible for selling off our assets to foreigners have fallen foul of those very Acts. Is the Honour and Dignity of Queen Elizabeth II any less than the Honour and Dignity of King Edward III?
Finally the above is not the opinion of a group of solicitors but legal pronouncements and precedents based on Constitution Law and set by wise and learned judges over several hundred years. These judgements have kept this country safe from tyrannical leaders and attempts by foreign governments to dominate us. It would be extremely prudent of you to consider that to ignore this advice will make you and your force liable to an accusation of misprision of treason and, since you discussed it with your legal advisers, compounding treason. This can be avoided if you give my allegations a crime number and carry out an investigation or if you feel it is outside your area of competency, pass on to the MET.
Respectfully Submitted.

Letter of reply from Humberside Police Legal Services unit.
Thank you for your letter dated 16 May 2012, I am sorry that you feel I dismissed what you considered to be a rebuttal but I saw little point in restating the matters that had already communicated to you by Sergeant PARSONS in his emails.
Your email (which I think was 17 April, though in your email dated 15 May 2012 you referred to it as 7 April) was largely a reiteration of arguments previously made and there was nothing in anything you said that would alter the advice I gave or the response you received.
In my role I am required to advise the Chief Constable (and officers under his direction and control) and I cannot disclose the nature of that advice to any other person due to legal professional privilege.
However, you have asked for legal reasons why your original allegations of treason should not be investigated. I can only repeat what has previously been communicated to you, namely that you have identified no offences known to law.
Undoubtedly you believe, passionately, that the constitution and the law mean that the actions of various politicians and others you have outlined constitute treason and other offences but your interpretation of the constitution and the law is not shared by Humberside Police.
Specifically you believe that certain statutes cannot be repealed whereas it is clearly recognised by the Courts in the United Kingdom that any statute can be repealed and that repeal can be both express and implied (that is to say by the subsequent enactment of a statute that is wholly incompatible with and directly contradicts an earlier statute).
You are perfectly emitted to disagree with that interpretation but as it is the Courts interpretation of the law. and as any criminal prosecution for any offence under statute or the common law must be brought before those courts, Humberside Police must follow that interpretation On that basis there s no offence known to law for allegedly contravening a statute that has been repealed or by enacting any statute as such enactment represents the law as rt is not as some may wish it to beRegarding the various comments of politicians and others referred to in your correspondence and from others in a similar vein, I fully accept that you believe these to be treasonable, but the law does not The fact that some of those making the comments may have taken oaths of allegiance to the Crown or to others does not make their actions contrary to the law Nor does it undermine the Coronation Oath as the Oath is to govern according to the laws and customs of the various territories named.
That Oath does not mean that those laws and customs are immutable and incapable of change; it means to govern in accordance with the law and customs of the named territories as that law and those customs are and as they change from time to time (for example Pakistan is named but that country is now a republic).
You may not agree with that interpretation and that is your right in a free country, but the converse is also true and others are free to disagree with your interpretation of the law. Hence my comment about agreeing to disagree.
In summary, while2 you are undoubtedly passionate about the actions of some politicians and others and you see those actions as treasonable, the view of Humberside Police is that those actions are not treason within the meaning of the criminal law, and as officers of the Crown police officers will concern themselves with the legal definition of treason and not a political or personal definition. however passionately held
Therefore as previously stated and repeated above in Humberside Polices understanding and interpretation of the law your complaints do not reveal to any offences known to law and cannot therefore be recorded as offences
I am sorry that this is not the answer you have been pressing for but it is the final determination of the matter on the facts, opinions and complaints you have givenand therefore regrettably I am unable to expend any further time in correspondence on these matters.

Albert Burgess’s reply to Humberside Police Legal Services Unit.
Jack Lewis has sent me a copy of your letter to him to comment on. I understand fully your reasoning about not being able to identify any offences Known to law. By that I take it law as it stands today. I hope you will understand that my letter must of necessity be lengthy but England is worth the effort. However the law stands as it does today because politicians have repealed or so they think crimes like Sedition at Common Law in a sly and underhand way slipping it in to the Coroners and Justices Bill, when it is a major offence against the state. You are fully aware that English Law is quite specific over the fact that an individual cannot give consent to another to cause them harm. I believe this was last tested in court in the case of the two sadomasochistic homosexuals one of whom tied up his partner and then whipped him with chains causing actual bodily harm. His defence which his partner agreed with was that he had his partner’s permission. As a result he admitted the offence, he was subsequently convicted.
The English Constitution developed over a number of years and as a result of despotic rule, the people built in checks and balances into the way Parliament is constructed and how Parliament works. It is these checks and balances which the actions of Blair Clegg and Cameron have and are planning to remove with the 1999 House of Lords Act and the proposed closure of the House of Lords in favour of an elected senate.
I would hope you will agree with me that English Law is firmly grounded in common sense, it is plain and simple to understand in spite of the fact lawyers tend to exaggerate the difficulties after all you do need to make a living.
So let us start with common sense, our forefathers designed Parliament with checks and balances it is not necessary for me to repeat those checks and balances here. These checks and balances are built in to the English Constitution; any attempt to subvert those arraignments constitutes the Common Law Offence of Sedition. Constitutional and Common Law are higher laws which govern the way in which we are governed and just as you could not give me permission to break your legs with a club hammer, so the Constitution refuses permission to the King to break it. Because the Constitution and Common Law place restrictions on the King as to what he may or may not do, so does it place restrictions on what Parliament which operates in the Kings name can also not do.
I would like you to cast your mind back to 886 when King Alfred showed the Witan the book of laws he had written by selecting the best laws and customs from all the old Kingdoms which had joined to make his Kingdom. The Witan said this was good law and the book was promulgated across Alfred’s Kingdom as the first ever book of Constitutional law, Athelstan Alfred’s Grandson unified the whole of what we now call England under one King but kept his grandfathers laws, laws still in use by Edward the Confessor when he died. After the invasion of Duke William of Normandy when he assumed the Crown the first thing he did was to keep the laws of Edward the Confessor, Alfred’s law. His son William Rufus tried to rule outside the law and was shot through the heart with an arrow on a hunting trip, we are told this was an accident, His Brother Henry I also tried ruling us outside the law and was pulled up by the Barons he subsequently reissued his fathers laws as the Charter of Liberties 1100, a reissue of Alfred’s Laws. In 1213 King John surrendered England to the Pope a Constitutional impossibility and two years later was forced at Runnymede to sign Magna Carta 1215 a reissue of the Charter of Liberties of Henry I. In 1216 Henry III age nine became King and the Earl of Pembroke was appointed his guardian, as soon as he was old enough to rule in his own right he placed the Earl and six other Barons and two Bishops who had assisted his father to surrender England to the Pope on trial for high treason and he wrote to the Pope stating in all things ecclesiastical he answered directly to God and not the Pope and the thousand marks a year paid by his father and until he became of age would no longer be paid.
In 1366 King Edward III received a demand from the Pope for the unpaid monies threatening to take action against Edward if it was not paid, Edward spoke with the Bishops and the Barons and they spoke with the Commons who the following day first the Bishops then the Barons and finally the Commons told Edward that King John did not own England he only holds it in trust for those who follow on John broke the law and his agreement with the Pope did not count and the monies were not to be paid. I hope you can understand the Constitutional importance of this ruling. It makes the surrender by Heath of Parliaments authority to govern England to the EEC in whole or in part an act of High Treason. Queen Elizabeth II had no authority to assent to the 1972 EEC Act, and by default her Parliament had no authority to even consider the matter. Likewise John Major had no right to make Queen Elizabeth II a vassal Queen to Brussels another Constitutional impossibility. (The Queen is now a citizen of Europe)
In 1628 King Charles I was given the Petition of Right a demand we be ruled by our laws, Alfred’s Laws in 1641 the Grand remonstrance again demanding we be ruled according to our laws was presented to King Charles who took no notice so in 1649 we took his head. The Bill of Rights 1689 which incorporates the Declaration of Rights was the final demand that we be ruled according to our ancient laws and customs Alfred’s Laws. This is still fully in force today.
These major laws which guarantee our rights and freedoms are not up for discussion Parliament has for the 414 years since the formation of Parliament in 1275 until 1689 been the champion of the rights of the Common Man and the main champion in Parliament were the Hereditary Peers, when ever the Commons put forward a bill detrimental to the good of the Common Man it was the Lords who rejected it. What we have today is a situation where the Government are trying to remove the Upper House so that they will be the sole arbiters of what happens to the Common Man and it isn’t good. I have a letter from a Dr Egan who works for Andrew Dismore MP which states that there is an interesting discussion as to whether by passing a bill Parliament could do away with the rule of law. This is what the Commons are discussing, Why I ask? What do they hope to gain we know they think they can steal our money with impunity? We know they have legalised homosexuality which is freely practiced by MP’s and which has broken down a major moral barrier making the country morally poorer, now we have groups like stonewall advocating the legalising of paedophilia. When I was a young boy you rarely heard of rape because the penalty for rape was 15 years hard labour, Parliament removed the death penalty for murder and every other crimes penalty was down graded so a rapist is unlikely to receive more than 5 years in one of Her Majesty’s hotels complete with film shows Gym and games room. But and it is a big But the number of young women and children being raped and murdered has gone through the roof.
We understand fully that no Parliament may bind another just as we know that our forefathers set up Parliament with checks and balances, we know that any statute can be repealed either directly or by implied repeal. But we are not talking statute we are talking about things like Magna Carta 1215 and the Declaration of Right 1689 which are not statute but are binding contracts between the Sovereign and the Subject, Habeas Corpus which we can trace back to the ancient book of law the Dome promulgated as the first ever book of Constitutional Law by Alfred the Great and as such it has been the law since times of greatest antiquity with the approval of those who use the law and as such has become the Custom and Practice of England and as such is beyond the reach of Parliament. The interpretation you say the Courts put upon the law is the law but that interpretation you are using today was not present 100 years ago, it has been pushed upon us by a House of Commons in a power Grab. In 1911 Asquith said his Parliament Act was the first stage in the removal of the second chamber. Asquith was one man and a Fabian he does not now and did not then have authority to overturn 1000 years of Constitutional legal history, any more than Blair had to remove the Hereditary Peers from the Lords. Just as Clegg and Cameron do not have the right to Close the Lords or change its essence from that put there by our forefathers after the lessons of history.
Chief Justice Stonor of the Kings Bench in 1345 Ruled “Law is that which is right” and his Colleague Chief Justice Beresford of the Common Pleas Ruled “There is no such thing as a bad law, for if it is bad it is not law” and Hilary J said we will not and we cannot change the ancient usages. Neither Stonor Beresford or Hilary have as yet been over ruled, and as there is no such thing as obsolescence of a law in England those two Chief Justices rulings still apply, as does the ruling by Hilary J. We are here talking about the ancient usages of the Constitution. Of this Kingdom.
Besides at the end of the day it matters not one jot what Parliament or the trial judge say the law as you know is what the jury say it is.  As a serving police officer I found a woman slumped in a door way at 2.30 am she told me she had set fire to her husband because he had beaten her and kicked her and he wouldn’t do that again. Apart from me who in my evidence when asked why I had not arrested her replied this is neither the time nor the place to teach you the law, but it is not necessarily an offence to set fire to your husband. If you genuinely believe your life is at risk and if you believe the only way to preserve your own life is to set fire to your husband that is not necessarily an offence which is precisely why we have juries to sort that one out. 14 police officers gave evidence against her the fire brigade and Met police forensic people gave evidence against her and she admitted it you could say an open and shut case, the jury did not agree and acquitted her, and in her case nullified the law on arson with intent to endanger life. Fortunately for him the smoke alarms worked, still not a good idea to beat and kick your wife.
What Blair Clegg and Cameron have done and are doing is just plain wrong and seriously wrong because it places every one of Her Majesty’s subjects at risk, remember Dr Egan? Suppose the unrestrained Commons decided rape was no longer a criminal offence, and your 14 year old daughter or your wife was gang raped by a group of MP‘s out for the night. She would be damaged for life her chances of ever trusting another man would vanish; she might even lose her trust in you. And you could do nothing about it the police legal department would tell you the politicians removed the law on rape so tough go away and cry to yourself we don’t want to know.  But Law is that which is right! And there is no such thing as a bad law for if it is bad it is not Law!
Who would you believe then the men who raped your daughter or wife, or Stonor and Beresford? You are a lawyer you will argue black is white and wrong is right depending on the client you have. This is precisely what you are doing. But sooner or later if you are a real Englishman you will ask yourself is this right by doing what I am doing am I for short term gain for my client risking long term even terminal harm to the country of my birth and to which I owe a duty of allegiance even at the risk of my life in the long term interests of my children and their children. Ask yourself the question.
Parliament do not have authority to repeal any law designed to protect this ancient Kingdom to do so places the Kingdom at serious risk and is in its own right an act of High Treason against the State. It is true we cannot arrest and prosecute Parliament, but we can arrest and prosecute individual Ministers for their crimes even when those crimes are committed at the despatch box. Every door in this Kingdom is open for us to prosecute Treason against the State, the safety of every living soul in the Kingdom requires it.
The offences you say are not known to law are subverting the Constitutional arraignments of Parliament the Major Crime of Sedition at Common Law and at this level of Sedition an Act of High Treason against the Constitution and People of this Kingdom the very crime Lord Strafford and King Charles I lost their heads for and which required James II to flee to France. These are crimes known to law. And they are the crimes committed by Blair and which are being committed by Clegg and Cameron at this very moment.
Respectfully submitted

Jack Lewis’ own reply to Humberside Legal Services Unit.
Thank you for your letter dated 18 May 2012. I realise that you are unlikely to reply to this letter so permit me to have the last word. It would seem from your 'interpretation' of the law that it is now no longer possible for anyone to commit sedition or treason, with the exception of plotting to murder the Queen or any other member of the Royal family. Your 'interpretation' has effectively removed the last vestige of protection for the people of this country from despotic and tyrannical rulers. You are using this 'interpretation' to advise the Chief Constable that is not incumbent upon him to investigate my allegations. Therefore I give you notice that I shall be reporting you and the Chief Constable for misprision of treason to an authority that does not share your 'interpretation' of the law. Since you have argued away 'treason' this should not trouble you too much. However should you be wrong in your assessment of the law there will be only two ways in which you can escape arrest.
1 Reconsider your position and advise the Chief Constable to record my allegation and investigate them or to pass them on to a more appropriate authority.
2 Rely on the protection of corrupt Government officers and their violation of the Constitution of this country.
One is morally acceptable and the other isn't. I leave you to decide which is which.

Saga source

Letter From Elisabeth Beckett To Queen Elizabeth 4th February 2009
Dear Madam
Re: Unconstitutional reign
Giving careful consideration to the mode of address in this letter, although in courtesy I have addressed it in conventional manner, it is clear that having, in effect, abdicated by failure to perform your coronation oath you leave the people of this nation without effective titular head to whom we may address our petitions. I write to you only in your pre-eminence in Common Law.
I write on Edmund Burke’s remark that for evil to flourish it is sufficient for good men to do nothing.
At your coronation you swore on oath to rule this country according to our laws and customs. This contract with us was written clearly in Magna Carta and replicated by Edward I in 1274. After saying that he would give no such oath, the archbishops, bishops, barons and freemen said that, in this case, they would get another king.
In Magna Carta it was made clear that if the monarch went against this oath then chapter 61 would apply, the contract would be broken and the monarch would have to give up his position and possessions. You have, throughout your reign, disregarded our laws and customs in the legislation that has gone through Parliament.
I believe that you have done this on the basis of the Fabian inspired Parliament Act of 1911 which argued untruthfully that since royal assent had never been denied by a monarch since 1707 (when Queen Anne sent back a Bill) the use of the royal assent had fallen into abeyance. This claim was untrue and treasonable. Only the year before, Asquith had been forced to go to the country by Edward VII who sent back the same Bill to Parliament. And indeed monarchs had refused assent on at least six other occasions since 1707. On each occasion this refusal of assent was because the Bills concerned breached our constitution.
In other words, the 1911 claim, is incorrect and the monarch’s assent was never and can never be deemed unnecessary or automatic, even though George V chose to accept that the royal assent was now a formality and that the monarch could not, in reality refuse assent – as in the Northern Ireland Bill.
Despite all the long years of your reign this method of agreement, either forced on you, or under "automatic assent" nevertheless cannot be upheld as lawful.
Many people who have written to you on constitutional matters have received replies from your secretary (most recently, Sonia Bonici) saying that their letter had been forwarded to the government department misleadingly called the Department of Constitutional Affairs and Ministry of Justice. Your compliance with this has permitted the judiciary under these government departments to claim, as in the Chagos Archipelago appeal, that our fundamental liberties do not exist and that the peoples of these islands have no rights under our law.
I am old and now seriously ill. I cannot die without making clear to you that you have broken your oath to us your people.
The 1911 act purports to permit taxes to be levied on us merely by a majority in the House of Commons and without reference to the upper chamber. This again is against our constitution and specifically not permitted by our Petition of Right of 1627. The most serious instance of this is the use of our taxes to fund the banking system of this country: this is being explained to the electorate as a step which will in some way make us rich, whilst in fact it is not only unlawful, but a most serious abrogation of our rights and your duties under our constitution.
Your contract with the people of this country and the colonies and dominions cannot be destroyed by the chicanery of the Fabians in the 1911 Act, nor by subsequent legislation. If you have the courage to fulfil your contract, however belatedly, you could prorogue Parliament now and have a free election with or without party divisions so that this country can go forward in a proper and united way to remove us from the difficulties that have ensued since the 1911 Parliament Act.
Yours Faithfully,
Elisabeth Beckett
Copy to:
The Archbishop of Canterbury
Full story behind Elisabeth's letter below and here -

By The Namaste Team
This is an update concerning Mrs Elizabeth Beckett’s legitimate Constitutional stance against an illegal tax system and treasonous government. A story that should be on the front page of every newspaper, but has remained unreported! This amazingly selfless lady has studied the British Constitution in great depth. Her initial interest in the law began when she was a District Officer’s wife in India where her father, a High Court Judge for many years, was party to drawing up the 1935 India Act of Independence.
Since our last issue, Elizabeth was summoned to appear in court at Carlisle on the 24th July, a distance from her home of approximately 55 miles. Without hesitation or complaint, this remarkable 83 year old lady, who in her own words is lame, (she cannot walk very well without aid, due to a painful hip), took a taxi on her own, to the court where a judge listened to her appeal against a threatened bankruptcy order by her local council, for refusing to pay her Council Tax. Her refusal was based on the following objections:
“It is illegal to pay a tax to destroy my country.”
Later she discovered just how illegally councils are acting.
Elizabeth has received very little mainstream media reporting, the little she has had has only been at local level. Nationally, the BBC televised 30 seconds on the Politics Show. Even though she was interviewed by a reporter, the BBC editor refused point blank to broadcast her interview. It was withdrawn. We ask, could this be because of the influence of Common Purpose?
We at Namaste have tried to present Elizabeth’s story to various national newspapers: They were not interested. In fact the News Desk of the Daily Mail in Manchester thought our information about Elizabeth’s Constitutional Rights and the Act of Treason committed against the people of the British nation, was far fetched! We put it to the News Desk that we do indeed have a Constitution. This was also dismissed.
We ask, could this be because of the influence of Common Purpose?
It is quite clear that we are dealing with mindset which is at best totally ignorant and, at worst, working deliberately to subvert our ancient Constitutional history - The Birth Right of the People of England, (1700). This is still the law of the land today! How could this happen? The plan has been carefully contrived. The journalist Stewart Alsop wrote: “Knowledge is power and power is the most valuable commodity in government. So whoever knows the secrets controls the knowledge and therefore holds the power...”
This would help to explain why Harold Wilson removed the teaching of the Constitution from the British education curriculum, in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, Britain’s universities DO NOT teach treason laws, the greatest crime against a nation; hence today, we find our nation and our freedom in the most critical situation. How could this happen you may ask? The answer to this can be found in the descriptively accurate words of Cicero Marcus Tullius, born on 3 January, 106 BC and murdered on 7 December, 43 BC:
“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”
Unquestioning, Unwilling to Research
This is so precisely true of what is taking place today, not only in Britain, but other countries of the Commonwealth, and the USA - this is the Common Purpose. Unmasking Common Purpose (page 36)
We and our colleagues both in the UK and USA, are deeply concerned with the direction that both our nations are heading, yet so many seem woefully ignorant. This is not because people are stupid but they lack time and interest to inform themselves, largely because of the education system and mass media control with mind manipulations. We see and hear people acting like sheep, unheeded by the ever emerging totalitarian state, unquestioning, unwilling to research and blindly accepting lies and half-truths from those who can only be best described at misinformed and in the main, deliberate liars.
Part of this disinformation relates to our Council Tax in the UK. For the benefit of our overseas readers, Council Tax is a tax on domestic property collected by local councils in the UK. The council is supposed to use this revenue to pay for local services such as schools, rubbish (garbage) collection, roads and street lighting, etc.

Fiscal Prerogative
Elizabeth felt driven to research the issue of Council Tax accounts, having observed various related, suspicious news articles in the press one of which involved the North West Regional Council of the UK purchasing a house in Brussels, a totally inappropriate action in view of the sufferings of the Cumbrian fishermen and farmers. This alarmed her to the fact that she might well, as a law abiding honest Council Tax payer, be assisting in the potential breakup of her country. We must emphasise that Constitutional Law is not a matter of politics, whether one votes to drive on the left or the right, but a matter of law like the dividing of Britain into ‘Lander’ such as the county of Kent becoming part of France, and Wales becoming part of Ireland etc. That is against our law and Elizabeth said she could not pay for the destruction of the sovereignty of this country.
She then asked for full disclosure of how her Council Tax is being spent. This has not been forthcoming because of the liability order against her; the order is an executive order and in Britain alone is governed by the Royal Prerogative. The Enforcement Officer and people in charge of the courts refused to admit that the Liability Order could be challenged in any way. According to the Petition of Right of 1627 all taxation should be honoured by Parliament, under the Royal Assent and Parliament cannot pass acts that are against our Constitution.
Elizabeth further discovered a covert plan to do with the regional assemblies. These are voluntary bodies that are designed to break up England, e.g. Northumberland up to Carlisle will became part of Germany. This was not mentioned in the Labour Party manifesto.
Amongst the papers she handed to the judge at her trial, were the details of Common Purpose and their assemblies, which have increased by 500% since the year 2000. Taxation emanates from the Chancellor’s Office and these are illegal under what is known as the ‘fiscal prerogative’ and the ‘Petition of Right’. Because these assemblies are voluntary bodies, they are not available for funding by the taxpayer. Our Constitution states that ‘all laws’ that go through Parliament ‘must have Royal Assent, in order to become law.’ Instead, they are now validated on a false claim that the Royal Assent is automatic. However, the power to grant this is part of the prerogative, which it impassable.
The automatic assent was invented by the Fabian Prime Minister Asquith who gave the qualification based on the premise that Queen Ann had been the last monarch to send back a bill. The implication being that the monarch could not send back bills, whereas in fact, their power lies in the support of our Constitutional Laws by refusing to give Assent to bills that are unconstitutional.

The Parliament Act
In fact Edward VII had refused to pass the Parliament Act in 1910 and as such Asquith had to go to the country for a vote which he lost. A plan was devised to get this bill back, so he invited 40 Fabian Socialists and 82 Sien Fien to join his party in order to destroy the House of Lords which had been holding on to the fiscal prerogative and in so doing he set out to destroy the British Constitution.
The Parliament Act is actually illegal under the Constitution and the 1848 Treason and Felony Act, which states that neither House, Lords nor the Commons has power above the other. The 1911 Act altered the ‘fiscal power,’ which according to our Constitution cares for all taxpayers, as stated under the Petition of Right (part of the Constitution - No taxation without representation). This puts taxation illegally into the hands of the majority political party in the Commons, and without any amendment allowed from the House of Lords.
At the time of the French Revolution and the American Independence, political parties weren’t fixed as in the Masonic Constitution of America, which is based on the principal of divide and rule. Whereas in Britain, the British Constitution was made by the People for the People and the monarch holds them together according to our Constitutional laws. In relation to this fact, Elizabeth put forward to the judge the question of Brussels acting illegally under European Laws which invalidated the court itself. e.g. the 1988 Mercantile Shipping Act in relation to Spaniards fishing within the British 12 mile limit. Brussels overruled it and fined the British £300,000. In doing this Brussels claimed rights over our Sovereign and Parliament who had passed the Act. She pointed out to the court under this ruling it had no validity. At which point the judge shut her up and said, “I am under contract to make a liability order against you since the order allowed no exception.”
This is entirely against our constitutional laws. Elizabeth then asked for leave to appeal. The judge replied, “You can do what you like.”
Elizabeth explained to the judge that Queens Council has given her his opinion, “Technically under the Rules of Erskine May, it is stated the Automatic Assent, if not complied with, would invalidate ALL laws since 1911”.

Common law
Elizabeth’s Plaint lays the ground for important legal and Constitutional constraints which are being side-stepped and their legal validity is being denied by our present legal system and government. The fact they are still part of our British Common law is undeniable, Sir Edward Coke said, “The Royal Prerogative is part of the Personality of the Monarch and could not be taken from them even by an Act if Parliament” which the Law Lords Halbury and Jowitt agree. (Halbury’s Laws, The Birth Right of the People of England (These are legal reference books of great prestige).
Since the Assent is given under the regal ‘Prerogative Power,’ it is invalid if it is given to an unconstitutional act. So in a different way, both Counsel’s opinion and Elizabeth’s lead to the same conclusion. Therefore, she says that one can conclude that ALL of the bills that have been made law since 1911, which includes 1972 entry into Europe, and all that follows, together with the Civil Contingencies Bill, the Constitutional Reform Act, Equality Act and the Immigration Act ARE VOID.
It is clear that our entry into the European Union is INVALID, ILLEGAL and against our Constitution. (see article page 31)

Since our last issue, Elizabeth has spent many weeks preparing for her appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice. As we write today 16th November, her leave for Judicial Review has been granted. Furthermore it has arrived just in time to save her house from being taken over. Elizabeth heard her news whilst in hospital with an embolism she is unbelievably grateful to all those readers who have been kind enough to send donations.
She says: “It has been so heart warming and encouraging to know people are supporting me”.
It came as such a surprise to her and beyond her expectations to receive donations from our readers.
Elizabeth is determined and optimistic as ever. The money we sent to her she says has enabled her to pay for the court application, photocopying, postage, telephoning and travel in order to put together her appeal to the Royal Courts of Justice.
Elizabeth’s Plaint is clear, Treason has been committed and should be remedied.
Abbe Talleyrand de Perigord said to Mme Recamier in the early nineteen hundreds: “Understand this, if the English Constitution is destroyed so will be the civilisation of the world”
If the Supremacy of Parliament is to rest on treason, it will help no one.


Libyagate: How the Hungarian spends your money c/o the Kenyan
Here is evidence of foreign funding of the Transitional Council from well before their co-operation with the coalition coup attempt assisted by coalition invaders, mercenaries and terrorist groups and individuals.
The information source is via Dr Shakir and from hard drives of computers recovered by the Libyan army.

Dr Shakir was formerly part of the movement for greater participation of the Libyan public in government before resigning due to the direction towards violence the movement was headed, the alliances with secret services, former colonialist appointed royalty, islamic extremist groups including the LIFG and via LIFG, GIA, AQIM, Palestinian groups and others as well as promises made to foreign governments.

Here's a quote from a businessman acquainted with him -
"Shakir's story is well known by the Libyans, he appears on Libyan TV every evening. During the day-time he stays at a hotel with his wife and young daughter. He openly left the opposition when it became anti-Libyan and CIA stooges. He knew the financing originated with the CIA but he considered that purely opportunistic and acceptable, he withdrew his support of the movement when personal financial and US interest took over from Libyan national interest. He is a treasure trove of info but "on location" western journalists avoid taking info from him that contradicts their "through the bottom of a beer glass" view from the Hotel Rixos (Swiss Inn) bar."

Libyagate: NATO is the enemy of the youth

A bigger crime than the bombing of the Zliten hospital, the university in Tripoli, the holy men in Al Brega, the waterworks and the 1100+ civilian casualties is the destruction of the future by pure evil
Yesterday I mentioned that development plans, conceived in 2008, started in 2009 had been brought to a dead stop by the actions of the UNSC, the FUKUS coalition and the NATO, now US coup attempt. Here is a part of the plans to show that intended employment figures were in the tens of thousands. Of course with the attentions of NATO and coalition planes, building sites and completed parts of the project have been destroyed.


"The Master Plan provides an effective road map for future sustainable development that will attract international investment, create valuable and diversified employment opportunities, and establish Al Brega and Ras Lanuf as world class industrial and technological hubs with modern urban developments."

These NATO and coalition bastards working for the industrial - military complex and the bank-oil cartels are not just the enemies of the youth they are in themselves a crime against humanity just by their existence.

Libyagate: NATO Deliberately Bombing Civilians

For the war crimes commission. July 24 2011
A peace march has been working its way through the Nafusa Mountains area pushing the terrorists and mercenaries back towards Tunisia. Whole families have joined the march. The reason is that NATO’s terrorists and mercenaries have been burning and looting villages and murdering residents. The terrorists and mercenaries have fired on the peace march. NATO has dropped bombs on them. NATO knows they are civilians because French “advisers” are among the terrorists.
In Brega NATO deliberately bombed the civilian waterworks killing 6 and wounding the CEO.
NATO must be outlawed and brought to book.
Perhaps Soros’ Human Rights Watch would be honest enough for once to do some prompt reporting. Or more responsive Amnesty. There are abundant witnesses.
News via Leonor’s posts (here):
Brega, Nafusa Mountains and the south July 24
Rebels in the area of the Nafusa Mountains burned more than 300 homes in the past week. Now [many of] the rebels have been taken by NATO to southern Libya, but do not know they are in a very different world. The people of the Nafusa Mountains have no weapons to defend themselves, but in the south every home has weapons, the people there are also very angry, they know each other and instantly recognize an intruder.
In the fighting near the border with Niger between rebel mercenaries transported by NATO and the Libyan army and there are some wounded and the Libyans say they recognized that there are now French among the casualties. This shows that the French have been significantly introduced into the Libyan territory.
Al Brega is a wadi full of dead people of Qatar, but they can’t go to get them out because it is in the midst of the fighting.
Original Spanish
Los rebeldes en el área de los Montes Nafusa han quemado en la última semana más de 300 casas particulares. Ahora estos rebeldes han sido trasladados por la OTAN al sur de Libia, pero no saben que están en un mundo muy distinto.
Las gentes de los Montes Nafusa no tenían armas para defenderse, pero el sur está todo armado en todas las casas, la gente se conocen entre ellos y reconocen al instante a un intruso además están muy enfadados.
En los enfrentamientos cerca de la frontera con Niger entre los mercenarios transportados por la OTAN y el ejército libio ya hay algunas bajas reconocidas y dicen los Libios que ya hay franceses entre las bajas. Esto nos muestra que los franceses están muy introducidos dentro del territorio libio.
En Al Brega hay un wadi lleno de gente muerta de Qatar, pero no pueden ir a sacarles del lugar porque está en medio de los enfrentamientos.

The caravan of peace in the Nafusa Mountains
Some injured people who are already hospitalized have told they were marching when rebels started shooting them with rifles with telescopic sights from a great distance by killing tribal leaders in order to frighten them to return to their homes .
Without a word the rebels started to shoot and then NATO aircraft entered the airspace of Libya to kill civilians in the caravan of peace in the Nafusa Mountains by dropping bombs.
Now we will give proof this time of killing [unarmed] civilians by carrying white flags of peace.
There are casualties. People tell me they do not know how many.
I think it is becoming clear that the Libyans are peaceful people seeking peace and negotiation and are only defending against this great and horrific assault.
Original Spanish
La caravana de la paz en Montes Nafusa
Algunas personas heridas que están ya hospitalizadas han hablado y cuentan que ellos se dirigían hacia donde están los rebeldes y les han empezado a disparar con fusiles de mira telescópica a gran distancia matando a los líderes de las tribus para así asustarles y que regresaran a sus casas.
Sin mediar palabra los rebeldes han empezado a dispararles y luego los aviones de la OTAN han entrado en el espacio aéreo de Libia para matar los civiles de la caravana de la paz en los Montes Nafusa lanzando les bombas.
Ahora veremos que razones darán esta vez para matar civiles con banderas blancas de paz.
Me dicen que hay muertos y heridos. Las personas que me lo cuentan no saben cuantos.
Creo que va quedando muy claro que los libios son gente pacifica que busca la negociación y la paz y solo se están defendiendo de esta magna y horrible agresión
NATO’s Libya Lies (Thomas Mountain. Libya 360°. 7.23.11)
The lies used to justify the NATO war against Libya have surpassed those created to justify the invasion of Iraq. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch both had honest observers on the ground for months following the rebellion in eastern Libya and both have repudiated every major charge used to justify the NATO war on Libya.
According to the Amnesty observer, who is fluent in Arabic, there is not one confirmed instance of rape by the pro-Gadaffi fighters, not even a doctor who knew of one. All the Viagra mass rape stories were fabrications.
Amnesty could not verify a single “African mercenary” fighting for Gaddafi story, and the highly charged international satellite television accounts of African mercenaries raping women that were used to panic much of the eastern Libyan population into fleeing their homes were fabrications.
There were no confirmed accounts of helicopter gun ships attacking civilians and no jet fighters bombing people which completely invalidates any justification for the No-Fly Zone inSecurity Council resolution used as an excuse for NATO to launch its attacks on Libya.
After three months on the ground in rebel controlled territory, the Amnesty investigator could only confirm 110 deaths in Benghazi which included Gadaffi supporters.
Only 110 dead in Benghazi? Wait a minute, we were told thousands had died there, ten thousand even. No, only 110 lost their lives including pro-government people.
No rapes, no African mercenaries, no helicopter gun ships or bombers, and only 110 ten deaths prior to the launch of the NATO bombing campaign, every reason was based on a lie.
Today according to the Libyan Red Crescent Society, over 1,100 civilians have been killed by NATO bombs including over 400 women and children. Over 6,000 Libyan civilians have been injured or wounded by the bombing, many very seriously.
Compared to the war on Iraq, these numbers are tiny, but the reasons for the Libyan war have no merit in any form.
Saddam Hussein was evil, he invaded his neighbors in wars that killed up to a million. He used Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD’s) in the form of poison gas on both his neighbors and his own people, killing tens of thousands. He was brutal and corrupt and when American tanks rolled into Iraq the Iraqi people refused to fight for him, simply put their weapons down and went home.
Libya under Col. Gadaffi hasn’t invaded their neighbors. Gadaffi never used WMD’s on anyone, let alone his own people. As for Gadaffi being brutal, in Libya’s neighbor Algeria, the Algerian military fought a counterinsurgency for a decade in the 1990’s that witnessed the deaths of some 200,000 Algerians. Now that is brutal and nothing anywhere near this has happened in Libya.
In Egypt and Tunisia, western puppets like Mubarak and Ben Ali had almost no support amongst their people with few if anyone willing to fight and die to defend them.
The majority of the Libyan people are rallying behind the Libyan government and “the leader”, Muammar Gadaffi, with over one million people demonstrating in support on July 1 in Tripoli, the capital of Libya. Thousands of Libyan youth are on the front lines fighting the rebels and despite thousands of NATO air strikes authentic journalists on the ground in western Libya report their morale remains high.
In Egypt the popular explosion that resulted in the Army seizing power from Mubarak began in the very poorest neighborhoods in Cairo and other Egyptian cities where the price of basic food items like bread, sugar and cooking oil had skyrocketed and lead to widespread hunger. In many parts of Egypt’s poor neighborhoods gasoline/benzene is easier to find then clean drinking water. Medical care and education is only for those with the money to pay for it. Life for the people of Tunisia is not that much better.
In contrast, the Libyan people have the longest life expectancy in the Arab world. The Libyan people have the best, free public health system in the Arab world. The Libyan people have the best, free public education system in the Arab world. Most Libyan families own their own home and most Libyan families own their own automobile. Libya is so much better off then its neighbors every year tens of thousands of Egyptians and Tunisians migrated to Libya to earn money to feed their families, doing the dirty work the Libyan people refused to do.
When it comes to how Gadaffi oversaw a dramatic rise in the standard of living for the Libyan people despite decades of UN inSecurity Council sanctions against the Libyan economy honest observers acknowledge that Gadaffi stands head and shoulders above the kings, sheiks, emirs and various dictators who rule the rest of the Arab world.
So why did NATO launch this war against Libya?
First of all Gadaffi was on the verge of creating a new banking system in Africa that was going to put the IMF, World Bank and assorted other western banksters out of business in Africa. No more predatory western loans used to cripple African economies, instead a $42 billion dollar African Investment Bank would be supplying major loans at little or even zero interest rates.
Libya has funded major infrastructure projects across Africa that have begun to link up African economies and break the perpetual dependency on the western countries for imports have been taking place. Here in Eritrea the new road connecting Eritrea and Sudan is just one small example.
What seem to have finally tipped the balance in favor of direct western military intervention was the reported demand by Gadaffi that the USA oil companies who have long been major players in the Libyan petroleum industry were going to have to compensate Libya to the tune of tens of billions of dollars for the damage done to the Libyan economy by the USA instigated “Lockerbie Bombing” sanctions imposed by the UN inSecurity Council throughout the 1990’s into early 2000’s. This is based on the unearthing of evidence that the CIA paid millions of dollars to witnesses in the Lockerbie Bombing trial to change their stories to implicate Libya which was used as the basis for the very damaging UN sanctions against Libya. The government of the USA lied and damaged Libya so the USA oil companies were going to have to pay up to cover the cost of their governments actions. Not hard to see why Gadaffi had to go isn’t it?
Add the fact that Gadaffi had signaled clearly that he saw both Libya’s and Africa’s future economic development linked more to China and Russia rather than the west and it was just a matter of time before the CIA’s contingency plan to overthrow the Libyan government was put on the front burner.
NATO’s war against Libya has much more in common with NATO’s Kosovo war against Serbia. But one still cannot compare Gadaffi to Saddam or even the much smaller time criminals in the Serbian leadership. The Libyan War lies are worse than Iraq.
Thomas C. Mountain
Asmara, Eritrea
Thomas C. Mountain is the only independent western journalist in the Horn of Africa, living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He was a member of the 1st US Peace Delegation to Libya in 1987.
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My conclusion – The coalition of Obama, Sarkozy and Cameron, appropriately abbreviated to FUKUS, and NATO are committing unjustifiable homicide and contravening international law on a daily basis. The leadership has become worse than common bandits, they are pretending they have justification. They don’t. What they do have is a complete lack of morals and common decency. NATO gives every appearance of attempting to double its civilian kill count from the last report of over 1,000. These criminals need to be frog-marched out of office.
NATO is accountable – nation by nation.

ECHR in landmark judgement – military accountable for human rights abuses…..abuses/
Rheinmetall munitions identified in Misrata
[...] Rheinmetall, through American Rheinmetall (ARM) has a contract to supply stun grenades to US special ops forces and other US military customers and this particular munition is dated 08/03, well before Germany was supplying Libya with any weapons.
So how did this particular munition get to be used in the battle for this strategically important building overlooking Tripoli Street? And how deeply involved were US Special Forces in supporting the Libyan rebels as they ethnically cleansed Misrata?…….-in-misrata/
Lynching in Benghazi
[...] The footage of the lynching shows a large crowd in front of the rebel HQ, many holding up mobile phones to photograph/record the action. Two men, one in a yellow top with a hood and another with a brown top, yellow T-shirt and jeans haul the victim up to the window and tie him up to the bars by his feet as the crowd chants “Libya Hurra!”
As the camera comes closer to the window, we can see the victim – he appears to be a young, adult, dark-skinned man. He is bound by the feet and hanging from the bars, wearing olive trousers with no top. His back has three wounds and his face and arms are covered in wet blood. There is blood on the wall behind him. There is movement of the victim’s head and shoulders which indicates the victim is still alive.  There are further chants from the crowd.
The victim is then attacked by a young man with a beard wearing a striped hat who makes a number of attempts to decapitate the victim with a sawing motion of a sharp blade.
Clinton’s Libyan Contact Group has recognised terrorists as sole representatives of the Libyan nation. Giving material aid to terrorists is a crime in every western country. The Libyan Contact Group is therefore a criminal gang. The coalition leaders and NATO in providing military, mercenaries, weaponry, food and cash to terrorists are criminals.
North Atlantic Terrorist Org Update
The yankee invasion begins in earnest?
Over 70 Hummer vehicles, 50 U.S. tanks and more than 200 SUVs and eight other vehicles are on their way from Ajdabiya towards Brega, they were spotted 40km east by the armed forces.

The army is sweeping through the south with little resistance.
23rd July, the Libyan army easily recaptured the town of Al Qatrun and continued south towards Al Wigh.

War crimes commission note -
NATO planes have repeatedly bombed civilian targets in Tripoli and Zliten.The exact number of civilian deaths is still unknown. Four rockets hit the hotel where foreign journalists are staying. NATO bombed civilian neighborhoods and civilian institutions in Zliten. It also bombed a warehouse where food was stored, killing several people.

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Black Star News Editorial
[June] The "rebels" in Misrata in Libya have driven out the entire Black population of the city, according to a chilling story in The Wall Street Journal today under the headline "Libya City Torn by Tribal Feud."
The "rebels" now eye the city of Tawergha, 25 miles away, and vow to cleanse it of all Black people once they seize the city. Isn't this the perfect definition of the term "genocide"?
According to The Journal's article, the "rebels" refer to themselves as "the brigade for purging slaves, black skin." The Journal quotes a rebel commander Ibrahim al-Halbous saying, of Black Libyans, "They should pack up," and that "Tawergha no longer exists, only Mistrata."
Ref (from  June 21)

On August 13, there will be a major demonstration and march in Harlem, starting at 10 AM at 110 Street and Malcolm X Boulevard to protest the U.S. involvement in NATO's war of aggression against Libya. ——

Next post, another crime against humanity committed by the coalition. A grand plan to develop Ras Lanuf and Brega was underway (inception – 2008) that would have given temporary and permanent employment to tens of thousands, permanent jobs for 23,000 in Ras Lanuf alone so alleviating the unemployment and reducing the nation’s dependence on oil revenue. Of course the coalition gang bang stopped it dead.

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