Libyagate: How the Hungarian spends your money c/o the Kenyan
Here is evidence of foreign funding of the Transitional Council from well before their co-operation with the coalition coup attempt assisted by coalition invaders, mercenaries and terrorist groups and individuals.
The information source is via Dr Shakir and from hard drives of computers recovered by the Libyan army.

Dr Shakir was formerly part of the movement for greater participation of the Libyan public in government before resigning due to the direction towards violence the movement was headed, the alliances with secret services, former colonialist appointed royalty, islamic extremist groups including the LIFG and via LIFG, GIA, AQIM, Palestinian groups and others as well as promises made to foreign governments.

Here's a quote from a businessman acquainted with him -
"Shakir's story is well known by the Libyans, he appears on Libyan TV every evening. During the day-time he stays at a hotel with his wife and young daughter. He openly left the opposition when it became anti-Libyan and CIA stooges. He knew the financing originated with the CIA but he considered that purely opportunistic and acceptable, he withdrew his support of the movement when personal financial and US interest took over from Libyan national interest. He is a treasure trove of info but "on location" western journalists avoid taking info from him that contradicts their "through the bottom of a beer glass" view from the Hotel Rixos (Swiss Inn) bar."

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