They're Still Crying Wolf

The lower tropospheric climate may get a bit warmer or cooler in coming years. Oceans are rising or falling, overall 1-2 mm increase per annum as usual, nothing to worry about. How many billions of public funds were spent establishing this?

Ethanol production using crops from seed to combustion produces up to 170% more harmful GHGs than oil. It raises food prices. Perhaps 50% more CO2. Could threaten water supplies. And speeds the destruction of rain forests.

I can still find only strong evidence for less than a momentary flutter of the heart. The alarmists continue to use the accurately maligned hockey stick graph and other proven false propaganda.

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What a mishmash this world is. People starving and dying of thirst when there is plenty, war, overcrowding, widespread curable illnesses, belief passed off as fact, the Tower of Babel was nothing to what we have now. We are still in the dark ages and we worry so over the weather. What kind of game is being played by our so called intelligentsia?
Can we have significant effect on global temperature trend by limiting future carbon dioxide emission? No -- no equivocation and no argument entertained, allusion to "control" of the planetary thermostat by tweaking minor parameters is a nonsense.
Do we face a planetary emergency precipitated by carbon dioxide emissions? No, there is zero evidence that such a scenario might be true.
Are we personally troubled by carbon dioxide emissions? No.
Earth's mean temperature is believed to be between those two figures of 14 and 15 °C, so it's either a little bit warm or a little bit cool these days but never mind. The Elusive Absolute Surface Air Temperature (SAT) is supposed to be available by summing the current anomaly with 14.0 °C (287.15 K), according to GISS that would be 0.63 for the Jan-Dec average 2005, so 14.63 °C (287.78 K) for the global mean for 2005.
GISS Surface Temperature Analysis.
The Elusive Absolute Surface Air Temperature (SAT)
Summary: We don't know what the SAT is nor where to measure it.

So in 2005, the average SAT was a guess, it still is. How on Earth did the movers and shakers manage to herd scientists into believing the science was a done job for so many years? Politically awarded funding with strings attached.

Oil funding, counted in millions.
Public funding, counted in billions.

What do we know for sure?
Climate cannot be controlled by waving feathers. No matter how many feathers.
Satellite data says we have had a very, very small warming in the upper troposphere in line with a gentle, if erratic increase in temperature from 1850, due to emergence from the Little Ice Age and the post-war cooling.
Ocean levels are nothing extra to worry about and they moderate air temperature to a fine degree, probably CO2 too.
Atmospheric CO2 has risen more sharply in recent years.
CO2 is insignificant to climate, beneficial to biomass.
Ice core proxy data is unacceptable, still uncorroborated except by models.
The hockey stick is proven unacceptable.
The Kyoto Protocol has proved itself useless or worse.
The sequel will be equally useless.
Computer models are in their infancy. The results they produce are subject to speculative input and tweaking. They can't reproduce history accurately, nor the future.
Ethanol as a replacement fuel is very harmful.
No reasonable replacement for oil is feasible.

The current state of affairs is that more and more scientists are getting the courage to state they think nothing unusual is/has happened in the climate.
The media is beginning the slow turn to reality as more scientists come out of the miasma.

Many good and unfortunately far more unworthy people have come to fame through this fiasco.
The IPCC shows no let-up in propaganda, the EU its failure to serve in the public interest, others have shown deep self-interest such as world governance and profit.

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