Policy Based On Weak Hypothesis Will Always Be Wrong

So as it becomes apparent to even the densest of modelers and politicians that co2 is not evil, the bad joke that has been played on us at huge financial cost is now falling apart at the seams. Nature mag, that was the most eminent of the staunchest of AGW by trace gases bastions found themselves in a position where they were unable to conceal any longer the knowledge that the co2 effect is insignificant because ocean moods strongly affect climate (likely encouraged by the Sun) following on the heels of the revelation from data given by NASA's Aqua Sat that additional water vapor forms low clouds and hence precipitation that washes excess co2 out of the air rather than high cloud that are supposed to cook us as assumed by modelers (they probably got that wrong too). CO2 containment is increasingly demonstrated to be harmful to the climate and the con job that got idiots running around like headless hens is appearing more and more criminally negligent. Co2 is beneficial.

That the Pacific moods are significant with such a small change in ocean temperature drives down the notion of high sensitivity to co2 forcing, equating to less than 1 degree compared to the hyped model and IPCC values of 3 degrees C and more. But you already knew that didn't you!

Sequestration is theft of common property. We need more, not less.

Here are some bits I liked.

Climate change confirmed but global warming is cancelled
Owen McShane
Monday April 7 2008 - 11:00pm
"Monckton and Evans found a large part of this discrepancy is the result of some basic errors in the IPCC's assessment of the Stefan-Boltzmann equation. When they applied their revised factor to the effect of greenhouse gases, the temperature rise was about a third of that predicted by the IPCC.
So by late last year we not only knew IPCC forecasts of atmospheric global warming were wrong; we were beginning to understand why they are wrong."

Monckton should now be employed by HMG imo, and the climateers sacked.

Lifted from the somewhat brilliant Jennifer Marohasey's blog:
May 04, 2008
The Boris Effect: UK Government to Scrap Green Taxes in Bid to Calm Voter Fury
Posted by Paul, at 11:10 PM
Gordon Brown is poised to scrap a series of unpopular tax rises as part of sweeping changes to stave off a dangerous revolt over the rising cost of living which last week dealt Labour its worst electoral hammering in 40 years. Today the Prime Minister will respond to a growing suburban uprising by signalling moves to help motorists and other consumers. Last night Downing Street sources hinted the 2 per cent rise in fuel duty due in the autumn may not go ahead, in a concession to tight household budgets.
--Gaby Hinsliff and Jo Revill, The Observer, 4 May 2008
Internal polling in London found Ken Livingstone's green policies, such as new charges for gas-guzzling cars, alienated older voters, while the environment was at best a low priority for others, suggesting that, as families' budgets shrink, so does their willingness to pay to save the planet. 'My colleagues will say Labour has got to be brave on green issues, but the public are really feeling the pinch,' said one senior minister.
--Gaby Hinsliff and Jo Revill, The Observer, 4 May 2008
U.K. voters resoundingly rejected the Labour Party in local elections last week. It was no capricious shift, but a citizen revolt against trendy carbon and nanny-state taxes that empower only bad government. For Labour, it was the worst election in 40 years. Every tax and intrusion imposed by Labour in recent years was justified as being for voters' "own good." Ending global warming, reducing carbon footprints, lowering carbon emissions and raising public funding of renewable energy - all were excuses used to hit the voters' pocketbook with more taxes. Yet none of these taxes improved the quality of life.
--Investor's Business Daily, 2 May 2008
Oh dear! The inevitable is happening. The 'global warming' trope is unravelling on a daily basis - scientifically, economically, and politically. The wheels are coming off the hysterical bandwagon, and it is not going to be a salutary sight watching the politicians and the media junkies jumping cart and trying to throw mud in everyone's eyes.
--Philip Stott, 3 May 2008
Global warming is a new religion and blasphemy against that religion is not a laughing matter. The high tide of unthinking adherence to this new religion has been reached and I think it may well be in the coming years the tide will gradually recede but it will be a very glacial progress.
--Nigel Lawson, The Guardian, 3 May 2008
But, of course, people aren't interested in these kinds of facts. They want the religion. They want the sweet moralistic feeling of telling someone to stop doing something. They want to be able to rage about Chelsea Tractors and Tony Blair's flights, and they want to give vent to their feelings of disgust at the whole triumph of Western consumerist capitalism.
--Boris Johnson, The Daily Telegraph, 11 January 2007
For the first time in years, voters seem skeptical that solar, wind, ocean waves and currents, biofuels and other so-called renewable sources of energy can replace gasoline, petroleum-based diesel, home heating oil, natural gas, and propane to any significant degree in the foreseeable future. Among ordinary middle class, working class and poor voters, global warming appears to be a non-issue. More and more hard-pressed people are more afraid of pauperization than the manmade greenhouse gases that supposedly cause climate change.
--China Confidential, 3 May 2008
Failed asylum seekers are sneaking out of Britain - because they are fed up with the poor healthcare and bad weather. Scores have been caught trying to break past border controls in recent weeks, according to immigration staff. Les Williams, a chief immigration officer for the UK Border Agency, said: "We cannot explain exactly why they are trying to go, but when some of these people were questioned they said they wanted to go to a warmer country as they are fed up with the English weather."
[My comment - :) ]
--The Daily Mail, 3 May 2008
Those who have knowledge, don't predict. Those who predict, don't have knowledge.
--Lao Tzu, 6th Century BC Chinese Poet
I doubt NASA will sack Hansen, demotion is the best recourse in my opinion and the sight of him making coffee for his former subordinates would hearten the (boss) man he slighted. Every day. Real climate should delete about 90% of their blog as disinformation. Several thousand other alarmist disinformation sites should be deleted by their ISPs.

Al Gore? Who knows, South America must be looking good.

And the case for the miners to claim compensation for wrongful elimination at the hands of the fearsome Thatcher wrecker gets stronger by the day. Thank goodness it is happening (in most of) their lifetimes.

Observer - does anyone still buy it?
Observer - does anyone still buy it?

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