Sorry for the absence from here, I've been busy with my fellow Brits attempting to spread the word to the media brainwashed that the co2 nonsense is just that.
My chosen medium is the Daily Telegraph, my aliases as follows.
Clothcap Generally political mutterings.
Clothcap2 Generally scientific observations.
Clothcap3 Generally publications.
Clothcap4 Generally anything but climate concerns.

Have I gone blog crazy? No. I just thought I would get more readership in a newsrag blog and hoped I would have time to do something here too. Didn't work out that way though, research, work, family etc all consume time.
Times change. The cooler climate is on its way, green hysterics about hot air are being more and more exposed for what they are, devoid of truth.
So, I intend to wind down my postings on the Telegraph to 2 or 3 a week and resume here with observations of the downfall of the very temporary green phase.
Mann appearing on the the latest BBC bullshit, , oblivious and seemingly impervious to the fact that his last nonsense has been blown to kingdom come by Steve McIntyre is of the opinion that it is sceptical ignorance that causes us to ridicule him. I sometimes wonder if he is a secret infiltrator batting for our side.

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