Third International Conference on Climate Change

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Welcome to the press room for the Third International Conference on Climate Change, June 2, 2009 in Washington, DC. The theme of the conference is: “Scientific Debate and Economic Analysis.”

If you are a journalist seeking more information about the conference, speakers or co-sponsors, please contact Dan Miller ( or Tammy Nash ( (312) 377-4000.

You can find more information here:

Recent media coverage

Is Global Warming Real?
Geologist Harrison Schmitt on why he is skeptical about global warming 6/3/09, FoxBusiness interview with Stuart Varney

New Climate Change Report Applauded by Scientists, Economists, Policymakers
6/03/09, press release, by Dan Miller

Scientists, Economists Challenge Global Warming Alarmism
6/3/09, press release, by Dan Miller

Climate Change Reconsidered: Press Conference on You Tube
Heartland President Joseph Bast -
Author Craig D. Idso -
Author S. Fred Singer -

The Climate-Change Report the U.N. Failed to Write
6/2/09, press release, by Dan Miller

Paddling Furiously against a Tide of Climate Lies
6/1/09, Canada Free Press, by Alan Caruba

Look Who's Talking
5/28/09, press release, by Dan Miller

“‘Unequivocal’ ‘Consensus’on ‘Global Warming’”
5/26/09, Science and Public Policy, by Christopher Monckton

Inhofe Joins Skeptics' Conference
5/22/09, press release

Climate Change Reconsidered?
5/19/09, press release

Warming Skeptics Get Heard on the Hill
5/19/09, Washington Post

Green Jobs Skeptic to Keynote Conference
5/14/09, press release

Al Gore brings climate campaign to Nashville
Counter-meeting set for June 2 in Washington
5/14/09, The Tennessean, By Anne Paine

Rohrabacher to keynote Climate Conference
5/7/09, press release

Monckton to keynote Washington conference
Lord Christopher Monckton, former science advisor to British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, interviewed by Michael Savage on The Savage Nation. Monckton, who keynoted the second International Conference on Climate Change in New York in March, will also be a featured speaker at the Washington conference June 2.

Global warming skeptics gather in D. C.
5/4/09, Chicago Page One Examiner

Dan Miller, executive vice president
4/30/09, The Matt Patrick Show

The Heartland InstituteThird International Conference On Climate Change Set For June 2
4/28/09, press release

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