Brown Rot, Gorebull, Gang Green

A nation deceived. No wonder Brown chews his digits. Deception is a big cause of stress.

“But it is the awareness itself that will drive the change and one of the ways it will drive the change is through global governance and global agreements.” (Editor's Note: Gore makes the “global governance” comment at the 1min. 10 sec. mark in this UK Times video.). (Source)
Gore is a club of rome member and friend of Maurice Strong.

Strong was co author of Kyoto. Strong was obliged to leave the UN when he was found to be involved in the oil for food Iraq scam.

What is happening in the world today, constant weakening of the stock market, currencies destabilized, the gang green plot, commodity destabilization, disease panics all hyped out of proportion to reality are exactly in line with the club of rome manifesto.

The EU/EC in collusion with the UN and various other NGOs (under club of rome guidance I believe) has expressed a strong desire to rule the world. Joining the EU, no-one voted for world government. Brown's moves, selling the gold, devaluing the pound, running up UK debt and making sure the public is in no position to do anything about it all point to putting the UK in a position where we are dependent on the EU. The green dream to control climate and stop warming has never been more than a fantasy but very, very useful in bringing governments together to discuss steps towards world governance as a fait accompli and how to get there. Having a secret agenda that is detrimental to UK is treason or something very close. The only way I will be reassured is when there is a categorical statement by the EU that distances it from Maurice Strong/club of rome's UN and stops funding it.

The only way I will ever trust Brown is when hell freezes over. If giving Britain away by the euro is treasonable, could EU/EC puppet Mandy and Mandy puppet Brown have their strings cut?

The question has to be asked, Cameron must know, why hasn't he come clean? Oh, that is right. He's in on it.

We need out of the EU fast.

eulab and eucon can no longer be trusted.

In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself.

Club of rome manifesto Link

Bring the divided nation together to face an outside enemy, either a real one or else one INVENTED for the purpose…


Democracy will be made to seem responsible for the lagging economy, the scarcity and uncertainties. The very concept of democracy could then be brought into question and allow for the seizure of power.

Some Current Members of the Club of Rome triad:

Al Gore – former VP of the USA, leading climate change campaigner, Nobel Peace Prize winner, Academy Award winner, Emmy winner, lead the US delegations to the Rio Earth Summit and Kyoto Climate Change conference, largest shareholder in the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Javier Solana – Secretary General of the Council of the European Union, High Representative for EU Foreign Policy.

Maurice Strong – former Head of the UN Environment Programme, Chief Policy Advisor to Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit, co-author (with Gorbachev) of the Earth Charter, co-author of the Kyoto Protocol, founder of the Earth Council, devout Baha’i.

Mikhail Gorbachev – CoR executive member, former President of the Soviet Union, founder of Green Cross International and the Gorbachev Foundation, Nobel Peace Prize winner, co-founder (with Hidalgo) of the Club of Madrid, co-author (with Strong) of the Earth Charter.

Diego Hidalgo – CoR executive member, co-founder (with Gorbachev) of the Club of Madrid, founder and President of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Ervin Laszlo – founding member of the CoR, founder and President of the Club of Budapest, founder and Chairman of the World Wisdom Council.

Hassan bin Talal – President of the CoR, President of the Arab Thought Forum, founder of the World Future Council, recently named as the United Nations ‘Champion of the Earth’.

Sir Crispin Tickell – former British Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Permanent Representative on the Security Council, Chairman of the ‘Gaia Society’, Chairman of the Board of the Climate Institute, leading British climate change campaigner.

Kofi Annan – former Secretary General of the United Nations. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Javier Perez de Cuellar – former Secretary General of the United Nations. .

Robert Muller – former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, founder and Chancellor of the UN University of Peace.

David Rockefeller – CoR executive member, former Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank, founder of the Trilateral Commission, executive member of the World Economic Forum, donated land on which the United Nations stands.

Stephen Schneider – Stanford Professor of Biology and Global Change. Professor Schneider was among the earliest and most vocal proponents of man-made global warming and a lead author of many IPCC reports.

Bill Clinton – former President of the United States, founder of the Clinton Global Iniative.

Jimmy Carter – former President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft, philanthropist

Other current influential members:

(these can be found on the Club of Rome, Club of Budapest, Club of Madrid and/or CoR National Association membership pages)

Ted Turner – American media mogul, philanthropist, founder of CNN

George Soros – multibillionare, major donor to the UN

Tony Blair – former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Deepak Chopra – New Age Guru

Desmond Tutu – South African Bishop and activist, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Timothy Wirth – President of the United Nations Foundation

Henry Kissinger – former US Secretary of State

Barbara Marx Hubbard – President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution

Betty Williams – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

Marianne Williamson – New Age ‘Spiritual Activist’

Robert Thurman – assistant to the Dalai Lama

Jane Goodall – Primatologist and Evolutionary Biologist

Juan Carlos I – King of Spain

Prince Philippe of Belgium

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands

Dona Sophia – Queen of Spain

Karan Singh – Chairman of the Temple of Understanding

Daisaku Ikeda – founder of the Soka Gakkai cult

Eduard Shevardnadze – former Soviet foreign minister and President of Georgia

Richard von Weizsacker – former President of Germany

Martin Lees – CoR Secretary General, Rector of the UN University of Peace

Ernesto Zedillo – Director of The Yale Center for the Study of Globalization

Frithjof Finkbeiner – Coordinator of the Global Marshall Plan

Vaclav Havel – former President of the Czech Republic

Hans Kung – Founder of the Global Ethic Foundation

Ruud Lubbers – United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Mary Robinson – United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Jerome Binde – Director of Foresight, UNESCO

Federico Mayor – Director General of UNESCO

Tapio Kanninen – Director of Policy and Planning, United Nations

Konrad Osterwalder – Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations

Peter Johnston – Director General of European Commission

Thomas Homer-Dixon – Director of Peace and Conflict
Studies, University of Toronto

Emeka Anyaoku – former Commonwealth Secretary General, current President of the WWF

Wangari Maathai – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, founder of the Green Belt Movement

Dejan Lucic Link

The dolts in charge of the EU/EC in charge of the world? What a nightmare. No wonder Obama doesn't like Brown. Bush must have been in on it of course.


  1. I quess it is worth mentioning that Green Cross International has a new chairman - Polish entrepreneur - Jan Kulczyk

  2. Thanks for that John, I didn't realise anyone bothered to read this blog, there are so many of good quality and with resources and people to keep up to date nowadays. Most of my time on gang green and EU skulduggery is given to (& clothcap2). I use this blog as a kind of marker to show where the con is up to.
    I'll look into Jan Kulczyk and see where the trail leads. It almost invariably ends with the EC or Club of Rome, the string pullers.