Supplement to Fraud 4. Wind Energy

The EU's Conservative lap dogs are continuing the imposition despite the proven uselessness of wind energy. Only 8% of the installed capacity is useful. And the more turbines that are built, the lower the useful energy becomes. They cause CO2 emissions and fossil fuel use to increase.

Huhne is avoiding subsidising nuclear energy plants using EU directives as the excuse.

Huhne has made building coal plants uneconomical by the legal obligation to participate in the fraudulent carbon credit purchase. It is fraudulent in this particular instance because wind turbines cause gas and coal energy plants to emit more CO2 than they otherwise would. Huhne's answer? Phase out energy plants and buy more expensive electricity from the continent. This is very likely fraud because by causing EU gas and coal energy plants to run for longer, more CO2 emissions will result.

Clean coal without unnecessary carbon capture is the cheapest of all forms, the UK has reserves for 200 years plus. Gas is the second cheapest and there is a glut of gas around the world, Tehran ships it to the UK and has sufficient to keep the UK supplied for around 250 years. Yet the UK has its own gas reserves likely enough to last through to the next century. Are we looking for it? NO. Why not?

Huhne has a dream (of being the first wind billionaire perhaps) of seeing giant wind turbines blot everyone's backyard. Huhne's solution is to connect to the EU energy network and import energy.This won't work for a number of reasons. The investment required will be enormous, another unnecessary burden on UK energy users and is copping out of the cherished emission reductions target by passing the buck to the EU. Network Grid reckon it will cost end users £22 billion to connect to the EU and to integrate wind energy. There is no advantage to the UK, energy jobs will go to foreign countries and the energy is expensive bought retail. There will only be an increase in demand (~2% per year) and as there are the same problems with bought in energy as with home produced, at least 90% of the base load will need to be other than wind no matter what the Huhne does.

There is no point in fruitloop frittering on windmills if there is the intent to hook up to the EU network in any case.

Wind farms are as attractive as chicken pox. The only reason for their existence is to profit banks and private investors such as MPs and their energy advisors by defrauding energy users and taxpayers, i.e. obtaining money by deception.
Eon Report 2005 (PDF)
Page 9.
In 2004 two major German studies investigated the size of contribution that wind farms make towards guaranteed capacity. Both studies separately came to virtually identical conclusions, that wind energy currently contributes to the secure production capacity of the system, by providing 8% of its installed  capacity.
As wind power capacity rises, the lower availability of the wind farms determines the reliability of the system as a whole to an ever increasing extent. Consequently the greater reliability of traditional power stations becomes increasingly eclipsed.
As a result, the relative contribution of wind power to the guaranteed capacity of our supply system up to the year 2020 will fall continuously to around 4% (FIGURE 7).
In concrete terms, this means that in 2020, with a forecast wind power capacity of over 48,000MW (Source: dena grid study), 2,000MW of traditional power production can be replaced by these wind farms.

So if Huhne has his evil way, wind will supply 4% or less of energy needed by 2020 with maybe 300,000 turbines.
Bonkers. Everyone's gone to the Moon.

This coalition is continuing the deceptive dictatorship of the EU as implemented by Brown.
I recall someone who didn't object to them saying "the noise isn't a problem, it blocks out the traffic noise from the main road and the view is no problem across the waste dump".
He didn't mention about the energy bill hikes.

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