Does the Earth give a monkeys about ACO2

ACO2= anthropogenic (from humans) carbon dioxide.
As public awareness of the gang-green fraud at their expense increases and investment declines in useless boondoggle cons like carbon credits, wind farms and biofuel, all harmful in too many ways to recount (see ) the UN IPCC snake oil propaganda organ is shedding its skin and attempting to maintain the continuity in flow of public funds to the gang-greenistas by a new "cause for concern". This thoroughly corrupt, moral free organisation now intends to lobby governments to punish the public for species extinction. One wonders, if it is of such great import why it didn't take precedence over the laughably ethereal, illogical and nonsensical anthropogenic global warming by miniscule additions to a weak trace gas.

Robert B. Laughlin has written an astute, if a little Gaia-esque essay describing what is going on in the Earth-human relationship and giving his opinion with a total absence of invective, a remarkable achievement considering the misanthropic vipers in the alarmist advocacy snake pit and their equally poisonous handlers.

What the Earth Knows
Understanding the concept of geologic time and some basic science can give a new perspective on climate change and the energy future
Any serious conversation about the planet’s climate and our energy future must begin, paradoxically, with a backward look at geologic time. The reason for this is that the way forward is fogged by misunderstandings about the earth. Experts are little help in the constant struggle in this conversation to separate myth from reality, because they have the same difficulty, and routinely demonstrate it by talking past each other. Respected scientists warn of imminent energy shortages as geologic fuel supplies run out. Wall Street executives dismiss their predictions as myths and call for more drilling. Environmentalists describe the destruction to the earth from burning coal, oil, and natural gas. Economists ignore them and describe the danger to the earth of failing to burn coal, oil, and natural gas. Geology researchers report fresh findings about what the earth was like millions of years ago. Creationist researchers report fresh findings that the earth didn’t exist millions of years ago. The only way not to get lost in this awful swamp is to review the basics and decide for yourself what you believe and what you don’t.

Geologic time is such a vast concept that it’s helpful to convert it to something more pedestrian just to get oriented. I like rainfall.

    * The total precipitation that falls on the world in one year is about one meter of rain, the height of a golden retriever.
    * The total amount of rain that has fallen on the world since the industrial revolution began is about 200 meters, the height of Hoover Dam.
    * The amount of rain that has fallen on the world since the time of Moses is enough to fill up all the oceans.
    * The amount of rain that has fallen on the world since the Ice Age ended is enough to fill up all the oceans four times.
    * The amount of rain that has fallen on the world since the dinosaurs died is enough to fill up all the oceans 20,000 times—or the entire volume of the earth three times.
    * The amount of rain that has fallen on the world since coal formed is enough to fill up the earth 15 times.
    * The amount of rain that has fallen on the world since oxygen formed is enough to fill the earth 100 times.

Common sense tells us that damaging a thing this old is somewhat easier to imagine than it is to accomplish—like invading Russia. The earth has suffered mass volcanic explosions, floods, meteor impacts, mountain formation, and all manner of other abuses greater than anything people could inflict, and it’s still here. It’s a survivor. We don’t know exactly how the earth recovered from these devastations, because the rocks don’t say very much about that, but we do know that it did recover—the proof of it being that we are here.

[...] Global warming forecasts have the further difficulty that you can’t find much actual global warming in present-day weather observations. In principle, changes in climate should show up in rainfall statistics, hurricane frequency, temperature records, and so forth. As a practical matter they don’t, because weather patterns are dominated by large multi-year events in the oceans, such as the El NiƱo Southern Oscillation and the North Pacific Gyre Oscillation, which have nothing to do with climate change. In order to test the predictions, you’d have to separate these big effects from subtle, inexorable changes on scales of centuries, and nobody knows how to do that yet.

Humans can unquestionably do damage persisting for geologic time if you count their contribution to biodiversity loss. A considerable amount of evidence shows that humans are causing what biologists call the “sixth mass extinction,” an allusion to the five previous cases in the fossil record where huge numbers of species died out mysteriously in a flash of geologic time. A popular, and plausible, explanation for the last of these events, the one when the dinosaurs disappeared, is that an asteroid 10 kilometers in diameter, traveling 15 kilometers per second, struck the earth  and exploded with the power of a million 100-megaton hydrogen warheads. The damage that human activity presently inflicts, many say, is comparable to this. Extinctions, unlike carbon dioxide excesses, are permanent. The earth didn’t replace the dinosaurs after they died, notwithstanding the improved weather conditions and 20,000 ages of Moses to make repairs. It just moved on and became something different than it had been before. /more (also summarised here.)
The fact is we are a product of nature and subject to its laws. Some laws we have eased, of benefit only to ourselves, lifespan extension for example, but of absolutely no significance to the overall rule. Life expands to the limit of its ability to feed itself. I suspect that nature is looking for a way to expand life to other planets and as viruses travel from life form to life form, it will find a way that is better than bacteria in meteors. It doesn't do this with sentience, by its evolution life expands to exploit every possible means to diversify and extend. Many diversifications are failures. As greater complexity of life forms evolves a greater range of solutions becomes attainable. Space travel enabling the transfer of complex life to another planet is a solution for nature, a victory if you like.

What is the innate purpose of nature? Continuity in perpetuity. How does it move life towards this? Pressure on species forcing solutions to be found or to fail. The ultimate continuity is a stable universe. But that is a long way off. How do you make a star that burns forever? I suspect the dominant life form billions of years from now will have determined that as the universe is destined to carry on expanding into infinity or collapsing and repeating the creation process, the way for continuity would appear to be the construction of an artificial solar system beyond the universe.

Taking that as a lesson for the present day, if some humans wish to temporarily thwart nature and cause species destined to expire to endure a while longer, it is not an issue. Nature works in geological time spans. Diverting money to the preservation of fragile species while humans starve is a luxury of close-minded short term entertainment and immense profit to the eco fascist movement that thinks nature made a mistake in creating us, nothing more. They are the same people that fooled the world into thinking the gas of life is harmful. Realists unblinded by personal agenda, ambition and profit know humans have overcome seemingly impossible problems in supporting ever increasing populations. They also know that humans will continue because overcoming threats to this species' development is inherent to the species.

Taking what is just another nonsensical eco fascist scam to its logical conclusion, if all species were to be preserved (e.g. by avoiding change to habitat) into the future, there would be no room for evolution, humans would then be a threat to continuity. As the climate changes through natural cycles species would be unable to adapt. This is because of the way evolution works, a niche becomes available due to extinction, another species adapts to fill the vacancy. The more vacancies there are, the greater the adaptation. Humanity should really be considering such as colonising the Moon, perhaps mostly below ground, floating and perhaps orbiting towns. Mars will take too long. Because going against nature is a guarantee of an unhappy outcome.
Eco fascism is a dangerous threat to the continuance of nature's ultimate achievement to date, the human species. An obstacle to be overcome. The money wasted on fattening civilisation's eco fascist parasites could have fed, watered, housed and educated every person on the planet. Educated people have smaller families. That is the natural way to progress. Eco fascism is about domination and absolute control, not progress.

Notes for MPs and students.
If water vapour were to be removed from the atmosphere (yet ice and clouds remain) the climate would be 24 degrees C or so cooler.

CO2 additions are irrelevant to the climate because warming by back radiation is a proven lie. The way forward is to reforest the US, Europe and Asia and the UK. The product would be a wetter, greener, calmer climate and habitat extension. Monoculture and dependence on wood where alternatives exist has to end.

More evidence that the MWP was warmer and for longer than the present brief warming, here.

Evidence supporting the contention that "government knows best" interference by way of clean air acts has had a strong and rapid influence on the climate, i.e. warming it. Here. CO2 has been scapegoated.

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