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In response to some clever detective work (the basis of good research),  "In Search of Cooling Trends" I wrote;

Thanks for this.
IMO, research such as yours and the publication Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception? UPDATED where people look for the truth should receive funding waaaay ahead of the likes of CRU, GISS, NOAA, GHCN and the co-disreputable sub basement of human achievement, the fraudulent UN /UNEP's IPCC advocacy.

I wonder whether anyone who has the resources will find the outliers that were cast aside and those that were kept to support the watermelons' "alarmist" warming? In a perfect world. D'Aleo, Watts et al have done sterling work in that direction but there is a great deal more that could be done. Dr Jones, surprisingly not vindictive at being thrown under a bus could be far more forthcoming without compromising himself, i.e. anonymously. His amazing admission of absent warming was a scratch on the veneer of the climate scam that was initiated by Ed Rothschild in 1983 and advanced by Strong via UNEP (Rockefeller funded, CoR controlled ) with the CRU/Grantham inst. of Fabianists (Stern et al, closely aligned with CoR objectives and Common Purpose).

Good people are bringing about the end of the CO2 scam, a major attempt at rapid takeover of the world by control of emissions thus economies via a few and their thousands of bought and co-opted supporters such as Brown, Blair, Cameron, Obama, the dwarf, Rompoy, the EC, many EU and Commonwealth nations, UK and other royal families, Gpeace, WWF, DuPont, Enron, GE, Gore etc. Central banks are the foundation of the scam. The end of the CO2 scam will be a setback but until central banks are out of private hands, preferably outlawed, false alarms such as CO2, flu, derivatives, 2nd link etc. will continue to be instruments used to reduced commoners' freedom and standard of living to a 3rd world common denominator.

Understanding of the sinister UN can be found in its history, best summation here.

Again thanks to Verity and Tony, and not least their aides. Please don't allow my comment to distract focus from the important work you are doing in the advancement of scientific understanding of climate, diametrically opposed to the earlier mention orgs.

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