The Subduction of Alarmist Phantasmagoria

Rant by a bemused skeptic. The reason why this, "That Kyoto is a FRAUD" is still available on Internet is not just its veracity. It is because neither the IPCC nor the EU have evidence to contest the case. Russia was bribed into joining the lunacy with sponsorship (and more) for the WTO. If the US joins the farce, it loses by passing the last word on energy and trade to the UN, EU, China and Russia. If it doesn't join, it faces the threat of isolation in its declining (due to fuels price) years. (More on this last issue later if I can manage to get enough gen.) Like democracy, for all its faults the US is the least damaging world police from the available selection. Imagine an emotional anti-US, garlic crazed, religious veil compromised
Frenchman in charge of the world police. Or the KGB reformed. Or Beijing - skimming cream from the cream. No it doesn't bear imagining. You've had some oddball, unchristian presidents but none has proved an iota as bad as the options. A nation-first president is more desirable than one who would sell his and his country's soul for future tenths of a degree Celsius. Gore for example. Hey, Bun lardin is living the life, cave house, renewable wood fire, how come the greens aren't using the example? They have the same agenda. Bring the west down rather than bring the east up. Has the AGW cartel become the latest political terrorist threat to the US? Why are we giving free money to China and India, why are we letting business move to the east? Giving it away. Strong's end game. Britain was deprived of its blood iron by thatcher. It hasn't recovered. Now in the UK, politicians say roll over and let me do you this way and it is accepted with the dull understanding we live on different planets and they control the decreasing quality of life we endure. Gore is a sell out. Selling America by the pound (US). The US as an NGO EU (decisions in daily, long mid-morning breaks in coffee shops) sacolyte, I deeply, sincerely hope not. As usual, the US is the only hope. As one with probably a lower iq than the man in the seat, I can only say why pass the reins to amateur poseurs whose only gift is ?
Rant by an upset IPCC fan;
Emma Hardcastle, publisher at Pocket Issue which carried out the research, said: "If 71% of people feel that Man has nothing to do with the recent change in our climate then those same people are not going to buy into any movement to reduce their carbon footprint.
And 65 percent think that scientists' catastrophic predictions if pollution isn't curbed are 'far fetched'./quote (July)
That is, haven't bought the propaganda but she repeats the litany anyway. So I'll repeat the cynical truth. Climate change, ne anthropogenic global warming, Kyoto and carbon credits are a con. 71% is not enough. 80% minimum is necessary to overcome Brown's dogmatic adherence to political advancement. Thatcher got away with closing mines by junk science, that cost us dear. And lately, 50-60 billion spent on chasing the wind. Do we really need to pay for more research producing legislation to further control our life? Because that is the extraordinarily expensive end product, and if Jacques Chirac and cohorts have their way, the world nanny government will sit in Brussels. Foisted on us through the coal hole. Don't forget the war option, warming, oops, I mean climate change causes war. Nice little freedom to act ticket for a PM to have in his wallet. "Co2 did it."
Get rid of NGO's, put the jobs up for election.
Conclusive Proof of Global Warming.

What to do about China and India polluting the planet due to Kyoto? They build coal fired electricity generation plants without emissions control then sell Gore's carbon credits to pay for irrelevant co2 reduction. Kyoto kills. Around 2 million a year die from pollution. If we want the heavy pollution to stop, we need to get the technology in place and fund it instead of this carbon credit farce.
"TAIYUAN, China - It takes five to 10 days for the pollution from China's coal-fired plants to make its way to the United States, like a slow-moving storm."
"And researchers from Texas A&M University found that air pollution from China and India has increased in cloud cover and major Pacific Ocean storms by 20 percent to 50 percent over the past 20 years."
Due to Kyoto. Kyoto was a really, really bad idea. Carbon credits. How can you sell common property (co2) without consent? Kill Kyoto before it gets us too.

As global warming, that 1998 excluded exhibits a cooling trend, fades from the foreground as real pollution makes its impact felt, co2 is getting less and less press, you have to go at least halfway through most articles to find half-hearted co2 related alarmism. What's up with the zombie alarmist press? Are they realizing lies and fanciful constructs don't bear up to cold hard scrutiny and they've been selling newsprint by repeating and supporting disinformation? How unusual. I mean for them to actually recognize it. Normal modus operandi is to stumble on the truth and ignore it.
Where did all the warming come from? In 1976 the Pacific Ocean climate stepped up 1 degree C. (Miller et al, Hartmann & Wendler PDFs) (Tectonic, volcanic, solar heat.) I guess the climate, courtesy of the THC, (El Nino) equalized. Co2 should be decreasing the amplitude of its ascent anytime soon, just as methane has started to fall. See, waving feathers works!

Now that co2 has done warming and has caused temperature to stabilize, what will it do next? Will its further increase cause increased stability, will it be persuaded by the Hadley set and a consensus of junk scientists to re-initiate warming or will it be persuaded by skeptics and top Russian scientists and astronomers to totally scuttle the AGW fantasy and plunge us into a cold spell? Russians are preparing for it while the IPCC susceptible buy sunscreen and sequester co2. How can co2 do so much? Simple, Hansen's law. Co2 is infinitely blamable for infinite effects, interpreted by the IPCC, covering their backsides against cooling, by calling it climate change, qualifying it in the context as 90% certain human caused.
As sulphates mount in the Asian skies, drifting USward, creating cooling clouds en route, we don't need the antics of alarmist victims flooding the strato with it, China is doing it for us. It will be interesting to follow Hansen, Gore and the IPCC's rhetoric as to how to wave feathers at the problem and profit. Asiatic global wintering or AGW, that would cause the alarmists some confusion, not least it is politically incorrect for China to be blamed for anything due to its developing nation status.

Talking of alarmist victims' antics, I see Florida has been assaulted by red algae, reason unknown. Science thought it was nutrient abundance attraction but it wasn't, anyone missing some iron filings?

We need to do something about the Asian sulphates pdq. They not only accelerate cooling, they are what causes acid rain, (in case anyone has been fooled into thinking harmless co2 causes it) and acid rain along with biofuel production destroys rainforests and reduces alkalinity in the oceans. And when it starts to cool, I'll have nothing left to defend. Especially as biomass will continue to increase. Save the world, convert an alarmist.

Recently reported in the National Post, Margaret Munro; Time to ditch Kyoto, [sane, honest] experts urge.
Paper here. "...continued policy failure 'spun' as a story of success could lead to public withdrawal of trust and consent for action, whatever form it takes."
82,800 hits on Google

Why is Tibet, the moderator of Asian monsoons and more, subsiding and come to that, what caused it to rise? There is a plethora of theories on the topic, those I've looked at all have reasonable credibility for the available data. Past experience has shown where there are theories of equal merit in competition, the truth is likely some part of each. Selecting the likeliest parts is not easy as the reason for so many theories is the absence of data.
Without much knowledge on the subject, (yet) I favor a near perpendicular collision because the continental crust terminations are sheer, rapidly, perhaps almost instantaneously formed. I'll be happy to discover my idea has no merit as I learn more about tectonics, expansion and unification. Apparently global girth expansion had some help from polar compression during deep ice ages, you'd kinda expect it to reshape after the ice retreated, perhaps it is doing but global expansion is keeping pace.
A crust-buster collision in itself would probably add insignificant matter but the shock wave would create faults which later open to form ocean basins. By busting the crust, pressure from the interior would be released primarily at the impact point and less so along fractures. Such a collision would eject considerable atmosphere and matter into space and would give rise to a super volcano venting gas into the air and space.
The core would focus considerable energy to a point opposite the impact causing a much smaller super volcano. The Earth would bleed most at the impact point, caused by pressure from the impact and experience the greatest depressurization of the mantle. The rapid expansion caused by pressure relief initially feeding the pressure, subsiding to long term slow and diminishing expansion due to cooling.
Such an impact would create an imbalance where the affected hemisphere would bloat more than the opposite side. This would be more evenly dispersed by centrifugal force and equalization of pressure over time. The rapid expansion would of course, being more extensive at the impact point, cause the surface crust to open like a Terry's chocolate orange with most of the crust opening away from the impact point. I suggest south Pacific Ocean as a possible location.
The way the solid core would deflect the shock wave would probably cause a reflection back to the point of origin in growing concentric circles of diminishing amplitude, producing a halo of faults and weakened crust. The energy imparted to the core would likely shift it from plumb center adding a wobble to the equation as it worked out its differences with the expanding, wobbling, erupting planet. Followed by an age of ice due to aerosols, the Earth would by and large reseal with plugs of cooled lava. Perhaps there was more than one crust buster. Or maybe the Moon, upon meeting the Earth, struck a glancing blow that slowed it enough to be captured. That would add some complications to the equation. Lots of room for exploration then, even with an off-the-cuff idea.
Perhaps Tibet suffered from such weakening of the crust or thinning due to stretching making it prone to oscillation at the whim of the mobile plastic asthenosphere, or perhaps it just had a bad case of co2 gas and is presently relieving itself into the atmosphere. Compression and uplift due to global expansion or air-football collision of India, relaxation and subsidence due to pressure relief for whatever reason hold sway at the moment.
An expanding planet would create lower level basins allowing the sea over Tibet to drain, could be another reason, a lightening of the load causing or aiding the uplift. A dollop of plastic lithosphere detaching and causing recoil being another idea, but I don't agree with the amount of freedom of vertical movement supposed in a plastic asthenosphere that gets denser with depth. Scientists claiming evidence of deeply subducted litho have evidence stronger than Gavin's "fingerprint" but still feeble. Interpretation of radar and sound images is open to speculation. Litho floats on the asthenosphere, it's less dense. That gives me a problem with subduction. I like air-football. India having the same rock structure as the the Himalayas means it detached, kissed Africa and bounced back, pirouette and all. Continents don't pass over trenches or faults otherwise we'd have an example.

In Honor of our approach to the rift in the veil, I suggest the Moon was collected by the Sun on an early visit to the dust cloud with no more evidence than the plane of the Moon's orbit. I like my hypotheses simple :)

The last few reports by L.Solomon added to the links on the left.

I find Lindzen, the world's most respected climatologist's laconically concise delivery fascinating. The cnn attempt to up the hype is hilarious. Co2 did it on acid. His take mentioned in New American, picked up by MyWire is worth noting.

As ye sow. Greenpiece's
rhetorical damage limitation.

The founder of the The Weather Channel in the US has described the concept of global warming as 'the greatest scam in history' and accused global media of colluding with 'environmental extremists' to alarm the public. The comments are worth skimming, general knowledge is penetrating deeper into the public psyche, that can only be good news to skeptics.

Parting thought. Alarmists Anonymous, AlA. My name is xx xxxx and I haven't said anything alarming for 1 week and it feels good. I have hope again.

Recommended: Six Things to Know About the Earth's Mantle.

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