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Proposed memorial for the biggest liars.
In Greenland perhaps.

Good news from an experiment. (AFP and ABC au.)
"In an innovative experiment reported on Sunday [
Nov 4] in Nature, researchers closed off part of Raune fjord in southern Norway to see how plankton reacted to different levels of CO2.
They used nine large enclosed tanks of seawater that were exposed to CO2 concentrations likely to prevail over the next 150 years.
These three levels were today's concentrations of CO2; double that concentration, to simulate the air in 2100; and triple, replicating the air in 2150).
To feed the plankton, the researchers added nutrients to simulate food usually brought up by ocean currents and upwelling, and then monitored plankton levels over the next 24 days.
The investigators found that, the higher the CO2 level, the more the plankton bloomed.
The organisms were able to gobble up to 39 percent more dissolved carbon compared with today, but did not need any additional nutrients to achieve this."
Of course the AGW consensus, knowing nothing good comes from co2 had this to say;
"Mainstream scientists say such experiments are unjustified, given the uncertainty surrounding the environmental impact and the many knowledge gaps that persist about ocean topography and currents."/q
(The same can be said about co2 and the climate.) Despite this addition to knowledge, the iron addition to sea water will continue because it is a mechanism to produce money. So we want more algae to be produced by iron tonic etc so they with the co2 produced additional algae can strip the atmosphere of its co2. Then we turn the co2 into fuel, stripping the ocean. Give the cartel of clowns and criminally inadequate enough rope and they'll hang us all for sure. Nothing good ever comes from fixing what isn't broken.

U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions Declined in 2006
•U.S. energy-related CO2emissions declined in absolute terms –from 5,955 million metric tons (MMTCO2) in 2005 to 5,877 MMTCO2in 2006, a 1.3 percent decrease•Emissions from natural gas and petroleum fell 1.7 percent and 1.5 percent, respectively, while coal emissions declined 0.9 percent•Energy intensity (energy consumed per $ real GDP) fell by over 4.0 percent, as total energy demand declined 0.9 percent while the economy grew by 3.3 percent•The total carbon intensity of the economy (CO2 per$ real GDP) fell by 4.5 percent, as the carbon intensity of the energy supply (CO2 per Btu of energy) fell in addition to the decline in the energy intensity •The 2006 decline in carbon intensity is the largest since 1990 and the 4thlargest since 1949.
Warming is reducing co2. Damn!
Factors that Helped the Energy-CO2 Emissions Decline
•Weather conditions were favorable for emission reductions in 2006 as both heating degree-days and cooling degree-days were lower than in 2005
–As 2006 enjoyed a mild winter, heating degree-days were down 7.4 percent
–In addition, the summer of 2006 was cooler than the summer of 2005 and cooling degree-days declined almost 1 percent./quote
And that's the climate weather report.

It's a plot. (comments)
From the potpourri of climate information a wide variety of theories on the science and conspiracies continue to emerge.
The public became convinced of global warming when geo-engineering was enlisted to artificially warm the lower atmosphere. That's right folks, the whole scheme is a monstrous lie perpetrated by those whose only thought is the advancement of their personal control and wealth. They have no problem with destroying the planet because they hate themselves and everyone else. The problem is not greenhouse gas warming, but chemical/electro-magnetic environmental terrorism.
After more than ten years, the multi-billion dollar chemtrail aerosol program is finally reaching it's goal of turning North America into a desert. Chemtrails destroy natural rainfall through at least two mechanisms.
1. By inhibiting convection and trapping heat, thus creating artificial warming of the lower atmosphere.
2. By disrupting the natural condensation process which causes small cloud droplets to become larger ones and fall to earth as rain. Aerosols attract condensing moisture and prevent this coalescing process. NASA confirms this fact yet refuses to address the fact that massive amounts of dust are being intentionally dumped into the atmosphere every day. (Just look at the windshield of your car).
Every time the public pays to fly on a "commercial" aircraft they are helping to destroy not only their own country but the entire earth. Just don't try to tell the sheeple that they are in line for the slaughter. They will always laugh until it's too late.
Posted by Steve on November 8, 2007 4:14 AM

And; A gross waste of time, money and energy.
The most frightening aspect of this whole scenario is that, if the whole global warming scare turns out to be nothing more than a scare, (as is seeming more likely the more I read on the subject) the one area of society that is going to suffer first, and the most,(and subsequently cause the rest of society to suffer) is the scientific community when the rest of society turns on them for the gross waste of time and energy, by both scientists and the community in general, on this subject. Society will then disbelieve any and all statements from the scientific community to the great detriment of the planet.
Posted by MICK on November 5, 2007 11:28 AM

For doubters of the cosmic ray effect, a 1991 finding may help dispel some objections.
The highest-energy cosmic ray ever detected was measured in 1991 by the University of Utah's Fly's Eye observatory on the U.S. Army's Dugway Proving Ground.
It had an energy of 300 billion billion electron volts./quote
AC or DC? So
black holes other than Gore's knowledge gap affect our weather.
So much to learn, so little time.

CBC's 5th estate has been co-opted by pessimist alarmists apparently. Tim Ball did a number on them in CFP, also mentioned in Greenie watch. KLTV7 came back with a consensus of weathermen in denial. Also mentioned in Newsbusters. Seems the pendulum has inexorably started to swing back. Just like the weather.

Co2 madness continues apace to all our peril. The truth is slowly gaining media attention, let's hope it snowballs. The evidence that the old girl is perfectly capable of looking after her atmosphere continues to amass. Public knowledge is growing apace.

Greenies suffering the consequences of their speculations continue to run around like headless chickens trying to stave off one IPCC prvoked disastrous idea after another. It really will make excellent theater.
Exhibit ; "Environmental groups on Monday called on the Philippine government to stop an Australian company's plan to dump hundreds of tonnes of urea fertilizer into the Sulu Sea, site of the UNESCO World Heritage Tubbataha Reef Marine Park, as an experiment."
To date we have Kyoto producing real pollution at an alarming rate, iron , urea and cubic kilometers of volcanic rock to be unloaded into the sea, deforestation to produce biofuels, the carbon credit con, green taxes, oceanic co2 into fuel, and they will be looking for us to fund space mirrors. How advanced our civilization is. All hail the IPCC.
How are we doing predicting the weather? One may ask. Up to 5 days, pretty good, up to 10, fair, beyond that it is always foggy.

Ironic. The faultless UN calling for signatures to a convention against corruption. Did you keep your hand on your wallet as you signed?

Good to browse; A fine collection of IPCC misdirection.

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