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In that acutely biased, propaganda masquerading as science site, the New Scientist, not content with de-SUVing us, now they are getting personal. This effeministically styled article is blatantly sexist. Turning one sex against the other. That is an old dogma trick, burnt witches for example. These Heidi-esque people bring new meaning to plumbing the depths. Their ‘science’ is so misrepresented it is surprising it is legal.
Instant Expert [IPCC parrot]: Climate Change
Climate change is with us [as it has always been]. A decade ago, it was conjecture [utter nonsense]. Now the future is unfolding before our eyes. Canada's Inuit see it in
[irrelevant] disappearing Arctic [sea] ice and [grossly overstated] permafrost. The shantytown dwellers of Latin America and Southern Asia see it in lethal storms and floods [for the first time???]. Europeans see it [history repeating] in disappearing glaciers, [other parts witness extending glaciers] forest fires and fatal heat waves [for the first time???]. Scientists see it in tree rings [and produce hockey sticks], ancient coral [that has witnessed extraordinary sea level and temp. changes in its 250 my history]and [highly contested assumptions based on data from] bubbles trapped in ice cores. These reveal [to pseudo-scientists] that the world has not been as warm as it is now for a millennium or more [evidenced by the hockey stick]. The three warmest years on record have all occurred since 1998; 19 of the warmest 20 since 1980 [since proven to be false by GISS]. And [a ridiculous assumption based on hearsay] Earth has probably never warmed as fast as in the past 30 years - [to the naive] a period when natural influences on global temperatures, such as solar cycles and volcanoes should have cooled us down. Studies [of inadequate models] of the thermal inertia of the oceans suggest that there is more warming in the pipeline. [Not co2 then?] Climatologists [worried about their funding and forgetting their Valium] reporting for the [feather waving] UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) say we are seeing global warming caused by [the Sun, ground heat, water vapor, etc. and] human activities [other than gas production] and there are growing fears of [loss of funding due to] feedbacks that will accelerate [cooling making fools of proselytizers of] this warming.

Club Climateer, (a climateer is one who misrepresents and exaggerates climate science for personal or political gain) a group junket of fabricators met in Vienna. [Boer] The U.N.'s top climate official warned policymakers and scientists trying to hammer out a landmark report on climate change that ignoring the urgency of global warming would be "criminally irresponsible."
Call me reckless. Monitor, spend less, don’t touch.
Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the Nobel Prize-winning panel, said scientists were determined to "adhere to standards of quality" in the report.
Such things as record sea ice in the Antarctic, thickening of its continental ice sheet, stable temperatures for the last 8 years, proof that co2 fertilizes sea biota just as for land biomass, increase in marine tectonic/volcanic activity, ongoing mild El Ninos and so forth will of course receive special emphasis. Particularly emphasis will be given to the fact that Kyoto was a mistake, continues to be a mistake and under the present regime will always be a mistake. Perhaps aspiring to standards of even-handedness would be more equitable.
Until all the polar land ice has melted we will continue to have ice ages. I wonder if the historic tomes of the future will treat the primary alarmists with benevolent humor or derision for the harm they are causing the planet and present and future populations. /politics

Talking of comic relief from alarmism, I see the asteroid destined to wipe us out unless we fund research turned out to be a satellite on its way homeward to pick a speed boost from gravity. I believe there is an optician's just around the corner. The Job Center is a bit further along.

Growing pains.
Geologists witness 'ocean birth' in Afar away place. (2005) A part of the rifting evidenced by the Great Rift through Africa and the Middle East, and the Red Sea still widening. In context and on the BBC nature site.
Greenland. Rising to the heavens at 4cm pa and scientists don't know why, "Before 2004, the uplift was about 0.5 cm to 1 cm per year".
As it rises, gravity pulls the glaciers down faster. Perhaps Greenland shares Iceland’s plume, maybe Greenland holds some volcanic surprises as the pressure of the ice on the litho/athenosphere eases and the plastic becomes fluid.
Yellowstone. 7 centimeters per year over the past three years- more than three times faster than it has more typically risen since observations began in 1923.


Chicxulub, dated around 60 Ma, around the time of the Indian Deccan Traps. The crater is estimated at 300Km diameter and caused by a 10 Km wide rock. That would have caused a ripple or two. If Chicxulub came after Deccan, perhaps the DTs were the result of a different impact. Double whammy, no chance for dino to come back.
The oldest sea floor, perhaps 200myr old is along the US eastern coast , the west coast of the bulge of Africa, and east of Japan. A screen cap. from Neal Adams’ animation shows a huge area of distress in the forming Pacific, perhaps the site of the original crust-buster.
The abrupt differences in the age of the sea floor spreading from rifts could perhaps indicate crust-buster impacts dated at the age boundaries.

A meteor shower is due this weekend.
Herndon on a huge, heavy atmosphere blown away by the Sun; "Whole-Earth Decompression Dynamics." It is as simple as squeezing a rubber ball in your hand as hard as possible, then letting go. The ball will decompress back to its larger diameter. Isn't this as obvious as a forest full of trees?
But a suitable impact, more likely several penetrating the Earth’s crust would cause rapid decompression and hence expansion causing planet-wide rifts that would release further pressure and the eruptive response of the asthenosphere would certainly be enough to blow away a sizable volume of atmosphere. A solar pressure wave blowing away most of the atmosphere, sufficiently relieving pressure depends wholly on the Earth being a gas giant. Such a state would be recorded in decompressed continental crust.
Uplift via Google.
Space dot com gives some background on impact sites.
Meantime Tibet settles.

Back to warming.
Pacific Ocean, now warmer (and hence warmer air and more co2 :-). Would around 15 cubic Km of lava spread over 220 sq. Km assist in warming within the last 45 years? Perhaps it was the main contributor to the 1976 1 deg step up in the ocean climate. Add the created, associated hydrothermal vents for some more co2 in the mix.
We all (except IPCC scientists and their cult) know the THC controls the climate, particularly the EL Nino/SO phases. Climateers would have you believe co2 did it. A rational explanation is available. Interestingly, co2 emission-absorption is controlled by the phases. Warm water emits. The lessing in intensity of El Nino events would indicate less outgassing from the ocean. Supporting the forecast reduction in intensity of harmless co2’s epic ascent, (have we passed 3 molecules per 1,000,000 (ppm) addition pa yet?).

Polar seas warming, there are no shortage of volcanoes in the region and bet on it, more will be found even though no research is going on.
Unnamed volcano (top)
East Gakkel Ridge
Volcano types: Submarine volcano
Summit Elev: -3800 m
Latitude: 85.58°N
Longitude: 85.00°E
Two young volcanoes were discovered along the eastern part of the slow-spreading Gakkel Ridge during a bathymetric survey from a submarine in 1999. The westernmost volcano showed evidence of highly reflective, sediment-free surfaces and young faults overprinted by lava flows. During January-September 1999 global seismic networks detected an earthquake swarm corresponding to the approximate location of this volcano. The correlation between the locations of the earthquake epicenter locations and the strongly reflective, untectonized western volcano together with the volcanic character of the seismic record provided evidence that lava erupted on the East Gakkel Ridge within days to months prior to a May 1999 submarine survey (Edwards et al., 2001). Because 12-kHz sonars can penetrate through thin sediments covering acoustically reflective lavas, it is possible that no eruption occurred on Gakkel Ridge in 1999. Historical global seismic records indicate that this was the only earthquake swarm detected on the Gakkel Ridge in about 100 years.
Then there is Jan Mayen (middle)
Jan Mayen Island (Northern Atlantic)
Volcano types: Stratovolcano, Caldera, Cinder cones
Summit Elev: 2277 m
Latitude: 71.08°N
Longitude: 8.17°W
Remote Jan Mayen Island, located in the Norwegian Sea along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge about 650 km NE of Iceland, consists of two volcanic complexes separated by a narrow isthmus. The large Beerenberg basaltic stratovolcano (Nord-Jan) forms the NE end of the 40-km-long island, which is ringed by high cliffs. Beerenberg is a large 2277-m-high glacier-covered stratovolcano with a 1-km-wide summit crater and numerous cinder cones that were erupted along flank fissures. It is composed primarily of basaltic lava flows with minor amounts of tephra. Historical eruptions at Beerenberg date back to the 18th century. The Sor-Jan group of pyroclastic cones and lava domes occupies the SW tip of Jan Mayen. The Holocene Sor-Jan cinder cones, tephra rings, and trachytic lava domes were erupted from short fissures with a NE-SW trend.
Not forgetting Iceland, Greenland's near neighbor. (bottom)
The collision of fire and ice at Vatnajokull led our expedition to explore the crust of the 1996 eruption in an area that came to be called Gjalp, after a Nordic giantess. That eruption lasted thirteen days and built a three- to four-mile-long ridge of volcanic rock from lava erupting through a fissure buried by the ice. The molten rock, at a temperature of 2,000 [degrees] F. ate its way up through 1,500 feet of ice in just thirty hours, breaking through to send a plume of ash, hot gases, and superheated steam 30,000 feet into the air. More than a trillion gallons of meltwater were created during the eruption, which released the energetic equivalent of about 15,000 tons of high explosives (or the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima) every minute for ten days. Yet the 1996 event produced only one-twentieth the lava generated by a 1783 eruption in the same region of Iceland (the largest eruption on Earth in historic times). The melted ice flowed into a subglacial lake at the bottom of a three-mile-wide caldera known as Grimsvotn, which lies under the ice cap. Held in on one side by just a dam of ice, the water rose at sixty feet per day, compared with a normal rate of sixty feet per year. A torrential flood called a jokulhlaup by Icelanders (and now by the rest of the world) finally came shortly after dawn on November 5, 1996, when the rising water, lifting the overlying cap like an ice cube in a cold beverage, began to flow south toward the sea.
Medieval warming in Alaska. Abstract Full. The propaganda.
This record reveals three time intervals of comparable warmth: anno Domini (A.D.) 0-300, 850-1200, and post-1800, the latter two of which correspond to the Medieval Climatic Anomaly and climatic amelioration after the end of the Little Ice Age.
Aerosols often cop the blame for pronounced cooling, much was made of pollutant aerosols cooling the air post WWII. Not much is made of the warming effect of halting emissions of said aerosols. Did anxious Al’s famous clean air act trigger global warming? Nothing good comes from rushing into solutions, ever.

And the customary smack-down for Hansen; The Greenland-Antarctica Melting Problem Does Not Exist.
In reality the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets occupy deep basins, and cannot slide down a plane. Furthermore glacial flow depends on stress (including the important yield stress) as well as temperature, and much of the ice sheets is well below melting point. The accumulation of kilometres of undisturbed ice in cores in Greenland and Antarctica (the same ones that are sometimes used to fuel ideas of global warming) show hundreds of thousands of years of accumulation with no melting or flow. Except around the edges, ice sheets flow at the base, and depend on geothermal heat, not the climate at the surface. It is impossible for the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets to ‘collapse’.
Bad scientist! An honest scientist is open-minded. Hansen fails on this count too. The full text also makes the lubrication notion irrelevant.

Browse me; Asteroid/Comet Impact Craters and Mass Extinctions (2001)

Made me laugh; When the scientists are surprised by a 1 year change, that makes me wonder about their 100 year forecasting abilities.
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