BRASILIA (Raymond Colitt Reuters) - Unless the international community agrees to cut carbon emissions by half over the next generation, climate change is likely to cause large-scale human and economic setbacks and irreversible ecological catastrophes, a U.N. report said on Tuesday.

LONDON (Gerard Wynn
Reuters) - The biggest emissions-cutting projects under the Kyoto Protocol on global warming have directly contributed to an increase in the production of gases that destroy the ozone layer, a senior U.N. official says.

After this I'll stop the Sun rising!
For those who have been worried by the media reports of climate change being something new, please read all the articles linked to in the left column. Eyes open. Worry level down.
Here is my latest view, free of sarcasm, acerbity, humor, etc. I promise.
If the politicians want to do as the IPCC recommends, let them get on with it but pay for it with their paychecks and their lifestyle reduction.
If they were to suggest sensible ideas such as (in no particular order) cleaner oil combustion research, soot and harmful to human pollutants reduction, coercion to use the car less to save oil for the grandkids, fund other work for rain forest wreckers and people to police big business there, jets to fly lower, sponsor coral reef preservation, replanting when damaged, and creation, ocean exploration, huge medical funding for the poorest, potable water provision to those without and research to find new methods of supply (Greenland ice?),
feed the poor, relocation aid to those who were conned or foolish enough to have a house in a flood basin, spending on flood defense where practical, subsidies on dual function air conditioners in heatwave prone areas, free parasols, house the homeless, support for tree planting, parks in urban areas (they cool), job creation, (kyoto has caused a lot of people to lose their livelihood) ways to reduce bureaucracy, (dispose of NGOs?) direct subsidy for harmful (not co2) pollutant capture, in general improve the average human's lot instead of waving feathers and junketing, I would happily support all of those ideas.
Or 1/10th of a degree C - perhaps, by 2050?

I remind. Co2 is beneficial. There is no more infra-red for it to get excited about. It increases biomass and oceanic biota, (rain forests and algae love it). There isn't enough oil known and hypothesized to get to anywhere near 600ppm. Crops benefit and apparently it heals ozone holes. Sequestering co2 is theft.
Continent Antarctic west, the big bit, with its own climate, is thickening with record sea ice last winter. Island Greenland, the sea is melting the sea ice. The land ice has not disappeared even through much hotter times since the first snow stuck, it can't because the ice is in a basin. It can retreat around the edges but that is it. Surface melting would take many, many thousands of years at warmer temperatures. (Ask any non IPCC scientist who works in the field.)
Geologic activity and the Sun control water temperature, the atmosphere effect is irrelevant. Thermohaline circulation/Sun/clouds and water vapor with the occasional super volcano and big asteroid give us our climate with too many minor moderators (1000's) to get worried about it.
Talking of 1000's, there are around THIRTY THOUSAND polar bears. If that isn't enough, campaign to stop their being legally hunted.
The creation of bio-fuel produces a lot more harmful (other than co2) gases. Was it an EU official that said food crop to fuel is a crime against humanity. That's what the carbon nonsense is.
The climate has always changed. Always. 2 consecutive years the same? When? Show me. Not once in my lifetime.
Warming is very, very likely to be beneficial to an overwhelming majority. Higher humidity means higher precipitation means more water. As we are certain to have an extensive, unstoppable water crisis well before 2100, only a lunatic would avoid ex-gratis amelioration. Co2 reduces plants' water need. Increasing biomass drives deserts back. Co2 increases biomass. Farmers pump it into crops.
Climate temperature has been stable for almost a decade. According to Hadley data.
World war two planes aren't found less deep than 100Mtrs in ice.
There is a high probability that at the solar minimum around 2030 it will be quite cool, I think the oceans will preserve us from the next ice age, I hope so anyway. We are likely at the high point before the plunge starts to within a few years, maybe next.

Put an ice cube in a glass of room temperature water, stand a cube next to it. Gamble on which will melt first.

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