Cool It

Let's face facts. The hockey stick brigade are a force to be reckoned with only as long as the weather holds. There has been stability for nigh on a decade. We're overdue a few cold ones and La Nina looks set to oblige. I wonder how anxious Al will deal with the weather rug being pulled from under him? The IPCC response is predictable, co2 is capable of miracles such as driving warming, time travel and flooding New York, of course it can (and will) make the weather colder. The badly informed public swallow any gloop fed them. Pay your carbon tax, there's a good sheep. Ignore the truth until it bites. Hard. The media is faltering and cracks are beginning to show in the facade of the alarmist dogma. They're having a good run on nothing more than virtual reality though, you have to admire the tenacity that keeps the fantasies and lies floating in the face of truth. Their tomorrow seems never to come, have you noticed? The end of 2007 and the only records worthy of note are for sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctica. The pendulum reached the limit of its swing, has hesitated and is now poised for the demolishing return. I wish the damage it will inflict would be limited to the alarmist faithfuls, ngos and those politicians who know the truth but go along anyway. Seems like Bush is the only person left in that world that isn't feasting off the fat of public ignorance. He has risen quite a few respect points in recent times in my view.

H.W.Jenkins Jr. Arrived at a similar conclusion.
"Don't doubt that this is precisely the chasm that keeps Mr. Gore from running for president. He could neither win the office nor govern on the basis of imposing the kinds of costs supposedly necessary to deal with an impending "climate crisis." Yet his credibility would become laughable if he failed to insist on such costs. How much more practical, then, to cash in on the crowd-pleasing role of angry prophet, without having to take responsibility for policies that the public will eventually discover to be fraudulent."

The Bali junket has been beset by 0.003% of businessmen and an even smaller percentage of engineers, doctors and computer scientists demanding that governments tax you now and deeply otherwise the world will vaporize. Be clear the evidence they are using to support this demand is provided by virtual reality models that have consistently failed to match reality. Their much beloved co2 measuring station on the side of a volcano will very soon start to betray them, (unless they *gasp* tell lies - nooo). It can't happen either too soon or to a nicer bunch of twisters. "We thought we were right" is not an acceptable excuse. Defrock the lot, I say.

Then again the Pacific climate can return to El Nino conditions in a climatic blink and make an ass out of me. The weather and the climate both are like that :) Unpredictable.

More mundane matters. Expect more in the news soon about a climate flip. That is when the northern hemi swaps climate with the southern hemi. It happens, it is recorded in the cores, and it happens at times of lowering magnetic field strength. Just as we have now. What causes it? Co2 of course. Everybody who is anybody in the IPCC knows co2 kills magnetism, well it must, it drives virtual warming. Virtual heat kills magnetism. And there is this empty space in the magnetic field models tailor made (well it will be!) for co2. Must be worth a few extra points on the tax meter, co2 warms, melts, kills magnetism. And cools.
More seriously (if that is possible, I'm listening to South Pacific at the moment, it just reached Bali High) the planet seems to have had a little growth spurt. It will be interesting to see if NASA can find it, (here's a clue, look under the sea around Indonesia and Greenland) the associated tectonic and volcanic activity must have subsided as La Nina has put in an appearance. So we have a cooling Pacific. That presages a return to drought conditions for the the poor Aussies, no chance of the NW passage opening and no change in the distance between seals for polar bears. No change in Ca. fires as they are unrelated to temperature changes but the NY winters will be colder than ever. The colder it gets the more co2 is responsible, the more tax is needed to assuage the political angst. Heidi will go down fighting. "Burn the deniers" she will cry, "for god's sake burn the deniers I'm bloody freezing".
Why is the anticipation so much better than the fact? I don't want the weather to cool except to get rid of the AGW loons and parasitic doomsters.

In the real world, the National Post gave Ross McKitrick a fair bit of space to present evidence that IPCC warming figures are inflated by 50% and that they had suppressed the fact. Ross with Steve McIntyre was responsible for outing another piece of IPCC disingenuousness, the hockey stick. The Mann responsible was rewarded with a place on the IPCC panel, presumably for his ability to deceive with a straight face, essential to the sustentation of belief in IPCC generated global warming. The timing is perfect to the day.
Ross sums it up:
Our new paper presents a new, larger data set with a more complete set of socioeconomic indicators. We showed that the spatial pattern of warming trends is so tightly correlated with indicators of economic activity that the probability they are unrelated is less than one in 14 trillion. We applied a string of statistical tests to show that the correlation is not a fluke or the result of biased or inconsistent statistical modelling. We showed that the contamination patterns are largest in regions experiencing real economic growth. And we showed that the contamination patterns account for about half the surface warming measured over land since 1980.

In other words, we have confirmed, on new and stronger grounds, that the IPCC's global surface-temperature data is exaggerated, with a large warming bias. Claims about the amount of surface warming since 1980, and its attribution to anthropogenic greenhouse-gas emissions, should be reassessed using uncontaminated data. And governments that rely on the IPCC for advice should begin asking why it was allowed to suppress earlier evidence of this problem."

Which just adds to the proof that 'co2 is significant to warming' is utter nonsense. The full article is worth reading.
It's nice to see Ross is still doing his thing at the Fraser Inst.

Doncha just wish it was that easy, take an innocuous and harmless gas, regulate it and control temperature. That is the fantasy we are being sold at extraordinary expense. It's a lie.

Just read this on Newsbusters (Lmao);
PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd last night did an about-face on deep cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, days after Australia's delegation backed the plan at the climate talks in Bali.
A government representative at the talks this week said Australia backed a 25-40 per cent cut on 1990 emission levels by 2020.
But after warnings it would lead to huge rises in electricity prices, Mr Rudd said the Government would not support the target.