Slippery Political Science

As Antarctica continues to break records for sea ice and another record breaking winter extent looks ready to be set, lets stay with ice awhile.
We are paying attention to low education high bias advice and ignoring its reverse. The environmentalists now have control and there will be the devil and his mother to pay. Environmental tax. It's a creeping disease, a few extra pennies from your pay packet, a extra few coppers on petrol to begin with. As the increases work their way back up the delivery line, prices on everything from newspapers to spuds increase. And of course, power will be hit. Increased power costs relate directly to increased cold casualties. Start praying to your god for the coming winters to be warm. Politicians are gambling with lives. It's our tax money that pays for the UN, the EU and the bill for your representative's 5 star accommodation and entertainment all this festival of pork is generating. Based on lies and propaganda that we paid to get.
Newsbusters' Noel Sheppard had this rather restrained observation on the current lies about ice. "Reports of Record Arctic Ice Melt Disgracefully Ignore History"
Sea ice and polar bears. Both have been shown time and time again to be problems of the mind and models rather than anything to do with reality. The IPCC is still bleating that co2 is harmful. How long did they use the hockey stick after its debunk and discredit? The whole affair is one of shame and disgrace. Shame on the biased science, scientists, ngos and politicians, disgrace on the media for enthusiastically promoting the farce. How much co2 did you exhale today?
One tenth of a degree by 2050 is now not only unreachable, the attempt is set to cost trillions anyway. Don't forget where this all came from. An environmentally minded climate modeler produced a model with a hole. He did something no physical scientist would have done. He took the short term as evidence and lo! Co2 slotted (with some mangling) right in. A force-fit culprit. From there the IPCC ballyhoo machine took over. Since, he appears to have become a self-appointed specialist in totally unrelated areas such as species extinction and ice melt. His species models are proving as accurate as his weather models. Polar bears. Modeled to extinction in 2050. Twit.
In June, the climatologist named Patrick J. Michaels outed some facts about Greenland to counter paranoiac ravings. Gems such as "Greenland's total ice volume is 680,000 cubic miles, and it is losing four ten–thousandths of its ice per year. Do the math. That works out to 0.4 percent of its total mass per century."
If the weather holds that long. We should be so lucky.
"Data from the United States' National Climactic Data Center show that temperatures in Greenland for the last decade are hardly unusual when compared to temperatures for the last 100 years. The period from 1915 through 1965 -- an entire half–century -- was about two degrees warmer than it is today."
"The true history of Greenland makes one thing clear: there's no climate emergency, and therefore no need to legislate draconian regulations on energy use that will dramatically affect almost every aspect of our lives."

Who do you believe? Polar bears are going extinct and New York will be drowned or the truth?
Does this article indicate we have to tolerate some ass feather-waving every 10 years? Seems that, according to a study of the physical science, there is a decadal thing going on in the Arctic.
"A team of NASA and university scientists has detected an ongoing reversal in Arctic Ocean circulation triggered by atmospheric circulation changes that vary on decade-long time scales. The results suggest not all the large changes seen in Arctic climate in recent years are a result of long-term trends associated with global warming." Reported in Scientist Daily.
It keeps coming back to what is happening in the Pacific. Extended phases affect polar ice. We appear to be exiting the last extended warm phase, the effects of the changed water temperature take ~9 -18 months for the first effects to be felt in the cold bits of the planet. It will be interesting to see if the latest cool phase produces a step down in the way the underlying temperature stepped up in '76.
If you got worked up about Greenland melting by the feather wavers, perhaps some insight may allay your fears. World Climate Report produced a nicely done contrast of mid 20th century conditions and NASA's recent take.
Yes Greenland is melting. It is not anything unusual in either volume or extent.

California may be suffering the consequences of anthropogenic outgassing. The warmer ocean producing increased precipitation that together with co2 increased biomass. Throw in fire suppression policy and idiot environmentalists who stand in the way of forest management; voila, giant fires. These will be periodic and unavoidable unless something is changed and I don't mean the weather. Not everyone benefits from increased precipitation and biomass but rest assured, the few who don't will make the loudest noise, the biggest headlines and the lamest excuses for continuing the harmful, irrational, stupid kyoto protocol.

How sad. The one test the models could not fail if they were ever to convincingly prove their value as prediction agents. The hot spot over the tropics proving co2 did it... never materialized. You won't see that in the headlines but it is a clincher. Models are still, even though they are 40% better than 30 years ago, totally unreliable tools for anything other than short term prediction. They and their manipulators should be kept as far as possible from areas that influence real life. Once again, sincere and dependable scientist have exhibited the truth and as dependable as the Sun, media has ignored it. As mentioned earlier, Monckton and others have presented evidence. This information, crucial to legislators but contradictory to IPCC dogma will be kept far from the headlines and ignored by policy influencers. What a base game politics is, and how base the media and people who corrupt it to its capacity for short term personal and political gain. Environmentalists are not part of some miracle cure, they are a deep part of the counter productive smoke and mirrors at any cost (to the public) campaign.

If you want to see what causes the weather in the UK, highly unpredictable but influenced by the Pacific climate (not co2) the jet stream.

Nb I love it when 'profound' and co2 meet in the same sentence. Junkscience pointed me to this Co2 Science article - Conversion of Tropical Australian Savanna to Closed Forest