Critique of Stephane Dion's Statement

Why Canada must lead by example in Bali

Stephane Dion, National Post Original Published: Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We face an historic moment in the life of our planet. Climate change -- the biggest ecological threat facing humanity -- has become an issue of health, security, prosperity and survival for our world. Future generations will judge us on what we do over the next few months and years to meet this challenge.

[So you think our children will notice the now highly unlikely 1/5th deg C 'saved' in 2100, at the 29 billion sterling p.a. it's costing the UK so far, and wax lyrical about our achievement? Come on Stephane, be real, they'll have comedy shows about it if it registers at all.]

This week in Bali, international delegates attending the UN Climate Conference are building upon the work that began at the Montreal UN Climate Change Conference in 2005. At that meeting, chaired by Canada, the world achieved a major breakthrough. We created the Montreal Action Plan (MAP). This MAP formally implemented the Kyoto Protocol, and launched talks with all countries, including the United States, India and China, on making even deeper cuts to the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause global warming. It was a great moment for Canada, and the world.

[Co2 is proven insignificant to climate change. Not so great a moment then.]

Delegates in Bali now face an equally difficult and vital task -- deciding the framework and time lines for the international effort against global warming after 2012, when Kyoto expires. Never has it been more urgent for the world to mobilize in the fight against climate change. The science is indisputable. The latest report of the International Panel on Climate Change leaves no doubt about what must be done over the next 10 years to avoid the dire consequences of failing to limit warming.

[The IPCC doesn't even tell you the truth about what their own scientists are saying. The science is not only highly contested, physical science makes nonsense of it. The climate has never been static, you know of King Canute don't you?]

At this crucial moment, [etc].

We all want large emitters, developed or developing, to sign on. That said, rich countries such as Canada must set the example.

[Carbon capture is illegal, co2 is common property. Carbon credits establish title. Theft.]

Right now, Canada [etc]

And to do its share, Canada must commit to reducing its GHG emissions by 20% compared to 1990 levels, by 2020.

[And commit economic suicide, are your electricity bills set to increase 30-50%?]

We must help lay out pathways [etc.]

Canada can and must lead the world toward a sustainable, low-carbon economy by reaching for the top, not racing to the bottom. We can do better than simply "aspire" to action in the distant future.

[Nonsense based on superstition, dogma and junk science.]

Finally, we must help developing countries adopt the new technologies and forestry practices that will allow them to reduce their emissions -- and that will showcase Canadian business ingenuity at the same time.

[Yes but not for your reason, co2 is beneficial, we need more.]

Global warming is already inevitable and we will have to adapt, both at home and around the world. There is much work to do in Bali to create a blueprint for the future. And Canadians know that this is not a job for the reluctant or the faint of heart. That is why, whether or not Prime Minister Harper and Minister Baird choose to do the right thing, I will be in Bali, standing for my convictions, and for the hopes of millions of Canadians and people around the world.

[Sipping cool martinis on the beach if you have any sense. Global warming stopped in 1998, there is a decadal downward trend of 0.5 deg C and accelerating as of this year. Obviously increasing co2 cools. Sorry, what were you saying?]

-Stephane Dion is leader of the Official Opposition.