Happy New Year to all. Especially to Gary Novak.

...Is what Icelanders say when fire meets ice. The word is joekulhlaup, (substitute an Icelandic o for oe).
1996. (Link to the article.)
Late on November 4 seismic activity at Grimsvoetn indicated that the ice dam had finally broken, and at 7:20 a.m. on the 5th, meltwater burst vertically and explosively from the surface of the glacier two to three kilometers above its tongue. The water flowing from Grimsvoetn may actually have lifted the 600- to 800-meter-thick glacier as much as a meter before it broke through. By 4:00 on the afternoon of the 5th, the long-awaited joeklhlaup was in full swing. The flood front—a mixture of meltwater and entrained ice and sediment—moved from the full 20-kilometer width of the glacier's terminus (its edge) at a speed of about 10 kilometers per hour, forming standing waves 3 to 4 meters high. By midnight that night, the total flow in the five outwash channels peaked at over 50,000 cubic meters per second, making it the second largest river on earth.
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The point I want to make is that these events are frequent and have been for a long time. (The Scablands in N. America were so formed.) But why haven't these events, caused the Gulf Stream to slow down or stop whilst the Greenland trickles will do? I also recall seeing an article where a fjord in Norway was storing something like 600 cubic kilometers of water behind a stressed ice dam. I doubt that will cause more than a hiccup to the GS either.

More mundanely, Sen. Inhofe, (all the best mate) in a recent speech relayed information that 400 scientists "voiced significant objections to major aspects of the so-called "consensus" on man-made global warming".
First link at his page bottom, he complains about brainwashing children to be activists.

Sen. Inhofe's blog is well worth browsing if just to discover gems like,
D'Aleo, "If the atmosphere was a 100 story building, our annual anthropogenic CO2 contribution today would be equivalent to the linoleum on the first floor,".
Tim Ball - "Imagine basing a country's energy and economic policy on an incomplete, unproven theory - a theory based entirely on computer models in which one minor variable (CO2) is considered the sole driver for the entire global climate system."
But Dr. Tim we must, we must, the IPCC's reputation is at stake, not to mention carbon credit profits, swollen civil service departments, junkets like Bali and a whole new industry based on hot air. And it's an excuse for me to sound off.

Here is a known fact, not often mentioned. Co2 is at a geological all time low in recent centuries. Out of balance due to ice ages. The balance is being addressed by nature. Take away the human element and the oceans would simply take over, outgassing more co2 to replace the deficit. Isn't it time for the IPCC to be redeployed?

Scooped by Junk Science
It got me thinking: I’m an environmental scientist, but I’ve never had time to review the “evidence” for the anthropic causes of global warming...

Guess that's why fools like me have to spend so much time.

I don't stay directly focused all (any of) the time because I would fall asleep reading the same things again and again as the various skeptic blogs go for the headlines. So I thought I would take a look at other influencers, too small to figure, just like co2. How about putting a spin on things.
If circumstances today existed in dino times, a dino twice as big as an elephant would weigh 8 tons. The bones couldn't carry the weight. So things must have been different. Certainly a lighter atmosphere with high co2 levels, much higher than today. Not enough. A smaller, faster turning planet would also be required to lessen the effects of gravity. Growing since then, (and before) the planet obviously would slow down as it grew, think of an ice-skater. Arms in turns fast, arms out slows down. The planet is slowing down still, the days are getting longer. Longer days gives the Sun more time to shine down on us.
An interesting observation of facts and reasonable supposition, put up
by a guy named Joel Tepper, is called 'A New Spin', all in layman's words. I still have to read it several more times to take in the propositions.

The Sun is getting hotter, (don't panic, it is very small amounts we're talking about) and in part or mainly causing the average increase of 2-4 deg C we found last century. It is common knowledge that standard stars like ours is get hotter and hotter till they go boom. They don't grow cooler. As they get hotter, they grow. So we have an expanding planet and an expanding star. Assuming a relatively stable orbit, they are growing nearer to each other. I wonder by how much? Anyway, the repercussions of that growth are that a higher intensity of light falls on the planet. If you picture the Japanese flag with the rays, as an object goes from the corner of the flag towards the Sun in the opposite corner, the number of rays it touches increases. So that's another irrelevant.

This is the last available. I showed it earlier I think. The next is likely January 10.
ESRL PSD publishes these pics. El Nino red, La Nina blue.
NASA suggested it is caused by volcanic and tectonic activity. Must have been a lot of volcanoes popping to make those red spikes. Or maybe it was co2.