CO2 controlled by socialists?

CO2 regulated?

The EPA endangerment finding on CO2 (Sindark)

If uncontrolled activists have their way, yes.

EPA Endangerment Finding Will Destroy Jobs, Harm Consumers (Sen. James Inhofe) (The Hill)

The Great Government CO2 Power Grab (Wm. Briggs)

Obama Begins Regulation of Carbon Dioxide (Jennifer Marohasy)

CO2, EPA, Politics, and all that (WUWT)

Making your opinion on CO2 and climate change known to the EPA (WUWT)

EPA ups pressure for climate change action (Washington Times)

"Now is the time for all good women and men to contact the local U.S. Senator and Rep. and let them know your objections."
There is a 60 day public comment period following publication in the Federal Register.

Here are instructions for submitting written comments.

Global Warming: A Classic Case of Alarmism (JoNova)

"Antarctica Warming" nonsense, debunk discussed:
inspired by the Air Vent

Arctic ice is recovering. Last year the alarmists said 1 year ice is fragile and melts easily, this 2 year ice is fragile and melts easily, next year 3 year ice... ad nauseum.

Antarctica is cooling, sea ice is increasing 5% per decade and set records recently.

NASA recently found as much as 40% polar warming due to dark aerosols. Arctic melt was mainly due to a 10 year cycle of ocean current reversal bringing warmer water and changed air currents blowing pack ice south.

The atmosphere has been cooling since at least 2003. Forecasts say more to come varying from 6 to 50 years depending on which authority you choose to follow.

There is no stored heat in cooling oceans according to measurements.
Oceans are contracting as they cool.

The last time there was such an extended absence of sunspots, we had the Little Ice Age presaged by a VEI 6 volcano. We have an active VEI 6 volcano now, Chaiten.

CO2 increase has eased over the last 3 years.

Is the EPA run by lunatics or is it part of the green agenda?

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