US of A, a third still believe the AGW dogma

Sceptical bloggers and scientists, you are not working hard enough.

The disinformation put out by the IPCC, various "authoritative" organisations and the media that human emitted CO2 causes dangerous warming, (atmospheric CO2 is at present roughly 1 part in 3000 (0.038%), annual additions from all sources is less than 6 thousandths of that 1 part (0.00017% of the atm. recent years' average), the annual human CO2 tally (before ~98.5% reduction by absorbers [sinks]) is less than 4% of that 6 thousandths.
Anthropic CO2 drives warming? ROTFALMAO.
There is NO evidence (ignoring the stupidity that such a small amount of an essential trace gas - free fertiliser could be harmful ).
Why is it taking so long? Near $70 billion is being creamed by the green industry, Al Gore alone closed two "green funds" after collecting almost three billion dollars.

Still, progress in getting the truth across is being made however slowly;

Rasmussen Report Energy Update Friday, April 17, 2009

Only 34% Now Blame Humans for Global Warming

Just one-out-of-three voters (34%) now believe global warming is caused by human activity, the lowest finding yet in Rasmussen Reports national surveying. However, a plurality (48%) of the Political Class believes humans are to blame.
Forty-eight percent (48%) of all likely voters attribute climate change to long-term planetary trends, while seven percent (7%) blame some other reason. Eleven percent (11%) aren’t sure.
These numbers reflect a reversal from a year ago when 47% blamed human activity while 34% said long-term planetary trends.
Most Democrats (51%) still say humans are to blame for global warming, the position taken by former Vice President Al Gore and other climate change activists. But 66% of Republicans and 47% of adults not affiliated with either party disagree.
Sixty-two percent (62%) of all Americans believe global warming is at least a somewhat serious problem, with 33% who say it’s Very Serious. Thirty-five percent (35%) say it’s a not a serious problem. The overall numbers have remained largely the same for several months, but the number who say Very Serious has gone down.
Forty-eight percent (48%) of Democrats say global warming is a Very Serious problem, compared to 19% of Republicans and 25% of unaffiliateds.
President Obama has made global warming a priority for his administration. Half (49%) of Americans think the president believes climate change is caused primarily by human activity. This is the first time that belief has fallen below 50% since the president took office. Just 19% say Obama attributes global warming to long-term planetary trends.
Forty-eight percent (48%) rate the president good or excellent on energy issues. Thirty-two percent (32%) give him poor grades in this area.
Sixty-three percent (63%) of adults now say finding new sources of energy is more important that reducing the amount of energy Americans currently consume. However, 29% say energy conservation is the priority.
A growing number of Americans (58%) say the United States needs to build more nuclear plants. This is up five points from last month and the highest finding so far this year. Twenty-five percent (25%) oppose the building of nuclear plants.
While the economy remains the top issue for most Americans, 40% believe there is a conflict between economic growth and environmental protection. Thirty-one percent 31% see no such conflict, while 29% are not sure.
National Survey of 1,000 Likely Voter Conducted April 15-16, 2000 By Rasmussen Reports
1* Which is more important, finding new sources of energy or reducing the amount of energy Americans now consume?
63% Finding new sources of energy
29% Reducing the amount of energy Americans now consume
8% Not sure
2* How serious a problem is Global Warming?
33% Very serious
29% Somewhat serious
3% Not very serious
12% Not at all serious
3% Not sure
3* Is Global Warming caused primarily by human activity or by long term planetary trends?
34% Human activity
48% Long term planetary trends7% Some other reason
11% Not sure
4* Is there a conflict between economic growth and environmental protection?
40% Yes
31% No
29% Not sure
5* Should more nuclear power plants be built in the United States?
58% Yes
25% No
17% Not sure

At least it is not bad news, unlike the last few winters and likely the next few dozen. U.K. summer looks set to be a miserable repeat of last year, if not a bit a cooler.

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